The Magic of Bathroom Accent Lighting

Did you know that having accent lighting in your bathroom can truly change the overall perception of the entire design? Whether it's a big or small palette; you can literally make the overall appearance seem brighter, larger, smaller, or truly spotlight a focal point of the entire room! It's amazing what the smallest piece of light can create when it's used properly.

So, Why Add Accent Lighting to the Equation?

The charm and drama that you can get from lighting cannot compare to any other. One of the biggest highlights is the ability to change the overall dimensions of the room. This is perfect for those that want to create an illusion rather than actually remodel to accommodate size. A great example is when recessed lighting is placed above the vanity area. This is the perfect way to provide an illusion of a bigger space than originally given

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In fact, this is also a great highlight that shows how accent in a bathroom can actually showcase a main focal point. There are many unique places to have a main area where all eyes will divert when someone instantly walks through the door. This is usually showcased with unique design, simplicity in a busy bathroom, or even a personal touch with a shower curtain! One of the most popular focal points in the bathroom include Murals either decorated with paint or colorful back splash. Having a hanging pendant light or recessed lighting as an accent source can really make that artistic design stand out.

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And don't forget about the architectural details that can easily be highlighted with any piece of decorative lighting! The most unique are the colorful lighting behind designed back splash that can create such an amazing response in the overall atmosphere. And for someone that enjoys the ultra-contemporary style; you can have a lot of fun with unique hanging pendants that can create an amazing backdrop for your stand alone whirlpool.

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Of course, you can practically do anything with the variety that is available in lighting. Pendants, sconces, recessed, and even lamps can absolutely transform any bathroom into a dramatic and charming design. Along with the cost efficiency that is easily followed with the dim bulbs that lighting uses; you can't lose when choosing it for your bathroom decor! With enough fixtures used; you can easily cut costs in electricity without taking away from the overall light.

Your Imagination Can Sore!

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Because of the variety that is offered, you can truly make any mental picture become a reality. People have added lighting within fixtures on the wall to enhance the creativity, hidden lights within cabinets or recessed places for drama, or even highlighted certain murals for an overall appeal. Regardless of how you choose to use them; accent lights are mandatory for a bathroom filled with design!

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