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Trustable American Standard Toilets deliver exceptional performance and innovative styling

American Standard is a leading suppliers of bathroom products in the United States . Statistics show that 3 out of 5 bathrooms have at least one of their products in its design. These statistics show that the American Standard toilets are one of the best brands. With their ingenuity and creativity American Standard works hard to ensure that they create products that give them the competitive advantage and keep them leading in the kitchen and bathroom appliance world.

American Standard Toilets can be found in private homes, companies, stadiums, restaurants, hotels, schools and just about anywhere else ablution services are needed. This means that they are versatile and can create products that suit the many different consumer needs and lifestyles.Due to the fact that these toilets are easy to clean the consumer saves time by completing their least favorite chore quickly, effectively and efficiently. American Standard toilets are also cost-efficient and will save their consumers the thousands of dollars usually spent on cleaning products.

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One other innovative product is the Everclean toilet seat. This toilet seat is made out of a patented silver based anti-microbial substance that is turned into a plastic toilet seat that shields against stains, moulds and mildew. With this revolutionary toilet seat cleaning only requires wiping it down with a cloth. There is no need for toxic bleaching products, sticky rubber gloves and choking cleaning substances.

Installing the best faucet and fixtures can turn your average bathroom into a modern and well designed space thus improving the aesthetic of the room. It also offers new water and energy saving faucets that help people save money with an emphasis on green living. With todays consumer being more conscious of their effect on the environment and natural resources, these toilets have definitely catered to this niche in the market.

It is always admirable when a company re-structures itself and creates products that are not only good for its clients but good for the world. Another exciting new bathroom feature that can help create space in a small bathroom is by replacing the typical old fashioned bulky sink with a pedestal sink. It is small and designed in a way that takes up less space but still manages to get the job done.

The main focus when it comes to bathroom design is focusing on style. A bathroom with chrome and white finishings would be the best bet when it comes to colour, not only because that is the trending colour, but because white bathrooms have stood the test of time and they can always be mixed up to add whatever flare that may be missing.

What makes them stand out from the rest is that they meet peoples needs when it comes to bathroom design they do so by ensuring that their products come in all sorts of trending colors to meet the needs of all their clients. Their company understands how important it is to have a clean and hygienic bathroom and make it possible to have the latest designed bathroom features and hygiene technology.

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