The Beauty and Tranquility
in Asian Style Bathrooms

Asian style bathrooms hold a common misconception that only involves black, red, and white. This is very masculine for many.

But, Asian design can also be compared to a spa-like atmosphere; offering clean lines, natural colors, and even a dash of plant life.

It isn't just strong and bold colors that are being used to showcase this specific design. Now, it's the calm and positive aura that surrounds it.

The Truth about Bathrooms in Asian Style

If you've been contemplating whether an Oriental bathroom is something that would fit; you have to ask yourself how much you enjoy clean, contemporary lines. Soft natural colors including beige, natural greens, browns, and touches of black are a true remembrance of the Asian style. This style is always considered to have one of the most Eco-friendly designs in comparison to all of the others. So, if you're ready for loyalty and luxury; here are a few things to look for to create the perfect ambiance.

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First of all; bamboo decor is an absolute "must" for an Asian style bathroom. Most people would love to add bamboo flooring, but it doesn't hold the best reputation with moisture. Especially if you choose the smoked color of carbonized bamboo which can dent very easily. However, you can choose the perfect bamboo rug to highlight your Oriental bathroom instead. Plus, there are many accessories ranging from window treatments, back splash décor, to decorative items that will bring the entire tranquil ambiance to life!

As for your showering area; you need to be prepared for some baths! Most bathrooms in Asian style offer stand alone whirlpool tubs. The contemporary and sleek line of it instantly gives the luxurious feeling of being in the East. Whether you choose to surround the fixture with slate tile or leave it as is; make sure the color stays white for the ultimate calming affect. Of course, a little bamboo décor can't hurt anyone for splash of color!

However, the vanity and sink area is always a major contemporary focal point in this style of bathroom. Top mount sinks are typically found in Oriental bathrooms because of its simplicity and resemblance to a spa. Since Asia was the first to really use top mount sinks as a common fixture in households; it soon hit the design world with force. This is why you can find glass bowls in an array of colors and styles, sleek boxed shaped top mount sinks, along with a surround design of solid granite. Don't hesitate to use dark slate as your vanity counter top for the ultimate feeling of serenity.

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Lastly, the plant life is what truly makes this particular design come together in any bathroom. Bonzai trees, single or bunched branches, and a splash of greenery can really make an everlasting impression.

The Simplicity of It All

Nothing can really compare to the Oriental style and its simplicity. The neutral and vibrant feeling that can easily be paired with fantastic accent lighting is a genuine test of this exotic element. If you can walk into your bathroom and feel a sense of calm; then you've achieved the goal of zen.

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