Warm Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - is now on the market!

The species of bamboo used for flooring is commonly known as "Moso". A unique feeling of warmth and glowing amber light, is coming from each plank.

Keeping the natural beauty of bamboo - this type of flooring made from bamboo, combining both extraordinary quality and properties of conventional flooring of the highest category.

There are a lot of advantages of bamboo parquet.
Bamboo has unique properties: the material provides excellent sound and heat insulation, regulates the climate in the room and successfully resists mechanical shocks. Bamboo parquet is an excellent anti-static, distinguished by high durability.

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Another feature of this floor - the possibility of staining in different colors, thus providing simply stunning shades of floor coverings made of bamboo. The price of bamboo parquet is comparable to the price of hardwood floor with a superior level of consumer properties of bamboo.

For the installation, it is easy "do it yourself". Locking bamboo planks are the easiest to install.

Depending on the design bamboo boards can be longitudinal and transverse. The longitudinal floor strip looks elegant and the fiber is less noticeable. Floors of bamboo cross will give your floors a typical rough-contrast, rich textural details of the small surface structure. This bamboo is more suitable for small areas of premises.

When laying the bamboo floor, keep in mind that the direction of the fibers in the bamboo bar is important. Make sure to lay the floor planks you have chosen one type of longitudinal or transverse. The combination of longitudinal and transverse floor strips is not recommended.

Besides being the perfect choice for a "green" home because it replenishes itself rapidly, bamboo has a natural resistance to mold, bacteria and mildew.

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