The Wonderful World of Bathroom Ceiling Lights

There can be something really inspiring with bathroom ceiling lights. The fact is that there are millions of options regarding color, style, and theme to incorporate into your bathroom. But, you have to find the perfect type to accommodate your bathroom accordingly. Otherwise, it can be a designing disaster that is very expensive to fix.

What are some of the different types and styles of bathroom ceiling lights available?

First of all, these particular lights are physically installed into the ceiling. They are not considered pendant or side lights, so you will never find them on the wall. In fact, the whole purpose of having ceiling lights is to maximum your space. Because of this, it is very common to find them in smaller sized bathrooms. Plus, the designs that are available can still allow them to stand out and become part of the overall decor!

So, depending on your style; there is always something available for everyone. The most common shape is the circular globe and is offered in an array of colors and designs. The trim itself can be found in bronze for a darker look, chrome for something a little more modern, and even wood tones for those experiencing something different in design! You can even find trim that will wrap around the globe giving the ambiance a magical look.

Bright ideas for Ceiling lights in Bathroom include

  1. Ceiling fixture, installed flush with ceiling. This type of lighting reduces glare compared to ceiling fixtures that project several inches below ceiling.
  2. Recessed ceiling fixture.Also reduces glare. The spread of the light from the fixture varies.
  3. Ceiling fixture at sink.Locate fixture over the front edge of the sink - not in the middle of the ceiling.
  4. Indirect Lighting. Light is directed toward the ceiling or wall, the light then bounces off that surface and illuminates the room.

Of course, for the more modern and contemporary lovers; there are square bathroom ceiling lights available as well. Some of the 3D characteristics found on these fixtures are also a major highlight in displaying them. For instance, many of the circular globes will have two layers of square glass on top giving the overall look a very contemporary one. Even some of the square lights will have circular layered glass to mix-and-match, if that's something you're looking for. But, the overall favorite are the plated ceiling lights that have 3D pendants hanging down from it. They never hang down low since it is usually attached to the main frame, but makes for an amazing focal point in a small bathroom.

Some bathroom ceiling lights are actually recessed into the ceiling and can serve as a row of spot lights. These are most often used in bigger bathrooms to highlight a certain area such as the vanity or shower. Regardless, it's another fun way that these lights can be incorporated into your bathroom design. So, with the array of selection that is available; this specific type of lighting can really lighten up a room. And what better way to display them than in the bathroom?

Here are some ideas of ceiling lights

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Fixtures aligned with the front edge of the sink.In addition lights over the mirror and the the natural lights from the windows are used as cross lighting.

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bathroom lighting,bathroom ceiling lights,double sink vanity,wooden vanity, custom vanity

This is a good example of the recessed ceiling light for small bathroom.

If you're looking for a design that will stand out, but you are limited in space; make sure to look into bathroom ceiling lights. You're guaranteed to find something that you'll love.

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