Bathroom Colors

Understanding meaning of colors will help you to choose bathroom colors

The bathroom colors chosen can affect mood and even visually change the size of the bathrooms, make it looks smaller or larger.

Become acquainted with some basic color wheel information as well as meaning of colors and how colors affect mood and you're on your way to finding the right color scheme - perhaps a pretty-in-pink or black and white bathroom.

But first - the color wheel

bathroom colors,color wheel,decorating bathroom,meaning of colors The primary color wheel has only red, blue and yellow (sometimes called the primary colors) and any one of them can be used alone in a room, if mixed with lighter and darker shades of a single color. Using a single color creates a monotone theme. But red, blue and green each can have very different effects on mood so you'll want to make sure and pick the right color for the right room.

By mixing the primary colors, other shades can be made. Red and blue create purple, yellow and blue makes green and yellow and red make an orange color. Each new color also affects mood and every color has variations that affect the way a room is perceived.

Let's talk about meaning of colors

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Knowing meaning of colors will help you to choose correct colors.What feelings and images come to your mind when you think of blue? The color generally helps to reduce stress and increase tranquility, peace and calmness. Being in a blue room may even help to make people feel more trusting. It may be an ideal bathroom color as well because of the calming effect, perfect for those wanting to slip into a soothing bath or shower. The stress may literally drain away. If a bathroom is going to be used by both males and females, blue is a safe bet.

Red, yellow and green create different moods than blue.
Because green is often seen outdoors, perhaps on the leaves of a blooming flower or in a grassy meadow, it can be soothing. However, the shade of green is very important. No one wants an institutional green in a bathroom.

Red is even trickier because it generally increases energy and passion. While a red bathroom may help in keeping a person alert before work or be ideal for a guest bathroom, it might not be the best choice when trying to achieve a sense of peace and quiet. It is very popular for children's bathrooms, however. A true, deep red will make a small bathroom look even smaller, unless one wall is mirrored.

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Yellow generally creates a mood as sunny as the color. People talk more in yellow rooms and the color helps to lift the mood. Intense shades can be overwhelming, however, and should be used primarily as accents in bathrooms.

Most other colors in the color wheel can be made by mixing shades of red, blue and yellow. White and black tend to stand on their own, creating a crisp, contemporary look when they are the only two shades used in a bathroom colors.

Pink is very interesting and lovely for a "pretty in pink" bathroom theme. Although pink seems related to red, it has a different effect on mood. It is an easier color to live with and tends to make people feel happy without being too stimulated. It can be ideal choice for a small bathroom.

In general, light colors are best for small bathrooms, although nearly any color can be used on an accent wall if there is at least one large mirror on the wall facing it.

White and black shades are easy to work with because accent colors can be changed around. Nearly any color blends with black and white.Hopefully it help you to understand meaning of colors and you can use in decorating you bathroom.

Choosing the bathroom colors depends on your own personality and mood, but as you can see - the possibilities are endless!

Here are some great ideas that will help you to choose bathroom colors

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