Tips for Designing Bathroom Floor Plans

When it comes to designing bathroom floor plans, you have to make sure that you maximize the floor space that you have.

Before you get started, looking through various magazines and at online sites can help. Check into various fixtures, look for information on how to arrange fixtures in the bathroom, and even visit friends to get a look at the layouts they have in their bathrooms.

Even taking a look at some sample floor plans is a wonderful idea that can help you come up with the plans for your own bathroom.

Here are some tips that will help you make designing the plans for your own bathroom much easier for you

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Tip #1 - Decide What You Want in the Bathroom

Before you can come up with the floor plans, you must decide what you want in the bathroom. Do you want a double sink vanity or perhaps a large garden tub to relax in? This has to be kept in mind as you design the plans. Having enough available floor space is important. Decide what you want, make sure you have the budget available, and then you can go on to the next step.

Tip #2 - Take Measurements of the Area

It's important to take measurements of the area before designing your floor plans. Looking at sample bathroom plans is helpful, but whether you are designing a master bathroom floor plans with a lot of space or you are trying to come up with small bathroom floor in a limited space, you need good measurements. This way you can figure out where to put things to best make use of the space you have available.

Tip #3 - Get the Measurements on Fixtures and Plumbing

Not only do you need measurements of the area you have in the bathroom, but you'll need to get the measurements on fixtures and plumbing as well. This way you know how much space they will take up in the bathroom. As you are planning the floor plans, experiment with your drawings to see where fixtures and plumbing fit the best without taking up too much valuable space.

bathroom floor plans,master bathroom floor plans, small bathroom floor plans,sample bathroom floor plans

Tip #4 - Avoid Overcrowding

It's so important that you avoid overcrowding when you make up your plans. You should always plan to leave at least a minimum of six inches between all of the fixtures so your bathroom is not too crowded.

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