Let’s talk about Bathroom Flooring!

Each year more and more people say confident "NO" to dull and boring bathroom flooring

Why? Because they know how to use modern building materials (porcelain, mosaic, ceramic tile, wood, bamboo, etc.) to make them more attractive, stronger and brighter!

Getting flooring ideas for the bathroom depends on the usage, but there are few specific options that you need to consider for bathroom. It should not be slippery, be durable and easy to clean. And the main consideration for floor in bathroom is,of course, moisture.

Each type of floor coverings has different benefits and drawbacks, so selecting one that fits your needs takes time and knowledge.

There are no special secrets: mosaic tile (in particular, glass mosaic) - is an art, and perfect for centuries, but, for example, porcelain tile - a product of modern building technology! Combining high decorative and performance quality ceramic tile, porcelain, mosaics can radically transform your “dream” bathroom!

ceramic tile, bathroom floor, bathroom floor tile, ceramic floor tile Irresistible Ceramic Tile

Oh, old fave – ceramic floor tile you would think – you wrong!

Nowadays the diversity of modern ceramic tiles impressive. Floor tiles has many variations, manufacturers produce tile in many shapes and sizes, matte and glossy, smooth and embossed, and decorated with monochrome drawings. Floor ceramic tiles, with its unique properties and the quality has become a truly elite coating.

marble tile,marble floor, marble, bathroom floor, bathroom floor tile, marble polishing, marble cleaningRoyal Marble Floors

The ideal material for the bathroom, of course, marble. Thanks to its natural multicolor, large number of varieties and original drawings on each piece, and good compatibility with other materials, the designer has the unlimited possibilities of using this material

porcelain tile,porcelain floor tile, bathroom floor,porcelain floor, bathroom floor tile, design bathroom floor, design bathroom Majestic Porcelain Tiles.

If you want an elegant bathroom flooring, consider porcelain!

This tough tile is difficult to cut and is not a best selection for the do-it-yourself. The durability of the tiling makes it both a positive and negative. While this tough tile takes abuse and still shines brightly with little care, the hard surface of the tile makes it difficult to cut.

mosaic tile, bathroom floor,mosaic floor, bathroom floor tile, design bathroom floor, design bathroom, glass tile, 
glass mosaic, mosaic glass tile Mosaic On The Bathroom Floor

Did you know there are different type of mosaic? Ceramic Mosaic tile ,Glass Mosaic tile and more...

Ceramic Mosaic tile resistant to abrasive wear and therefore suitable for installation in places with high abrasion, for example, on the floor. Glass Mosaic tile- the most affordable covering material from all of their mosaic species. Glass mosaic floor creates a unique shimmering sunshine light.

bathroom laminate flooring,laminate flooring in bathroom, bathroom floor,laminate floor,
 bathroom floor tile, design bathroom floor, design bathroom, laminate, laminate flooring Gorgeous Laminate Flooring

To avoid an issue with mold and still have a wood like appearance, you might consider the laminate bathroom flooring that resembles the wood you'd like. These are far more water resistant since the installers glue the seams together.

bathroom wood flooring,wood flooring,bathroom floor,wood floor,hardwood floor,
design bathroom floor, bathroom designs Beautiful Wood Flooring

Bathroom with wooden floors - it's not a dream, but a new trend… The fresh look of some of the newer types of wood used in bathrooms gives a simple elegance that is the perfect neutral background for you to decorate. Massive wood floors, covered with special oils, look simply chic in the bathroom. Wood floors are easy to maintain if you have them installed properly.

vinyl floor, vinyl tile,bathroom vinyl, bathroom floor Economic Sheet or Tile Vinyl

One of the most popular bathroom flooring is sheet or tile vinyl because of its low price and ease of installation. There are a number of different styles and levels of quality to vinyl floor covering but most of the modern vinyl floors require very little maintenance.

Besides the ceramic tile, marble, porcelain, laminate, vinyl or wood floors, there's a wide selection of newer materials used in the bathroom to enhance the appearance and ease of cleaning. Some of these include bamboo floor, acid stained concrete, modular carpet specifically designed for damp areas, cork floor, pebble bath tiles and even rubber leather tiles.

bamboo floor,bamboo flooring,wood flooring, bathroom bamboo floor Warm Bamboo Floor

Bamboo Flooring – is now on the market! Bamboo has a natural water repellent and fares better than wood does in the bathroom. A unique feeling of warmth and glowing amber light, is coming from each plank. Besides being the perfect choice for a "green" home because it replenishes itself rapidly, bamboo flooring has a natural resistance to mold, bacteria and mildew.

Cork Flooring, Cork Floor, bathroom cork tile, bathroom floor Comfortable Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor material options available. Cork is “eco-friendly” and is considered a renewable and sustainable natural resource. These floors can be a little expensive, however they are definitely worth the cost when used in smaller areas such as bathroom

stained concrete floor, concrete floor, design concrete, acid stained concrete Stunning Acid Stained Concrete Flooring

Probably the most interesting and relatively inexpensive type of bathroom floor is acid stained concrete. Concrete provides a stylish, long-lasting surface, and resistant to moisture, spills, stains, etc. Some bathrooms already have a concrete floor under the existing flooring. If this is the case, you simply need to restore it with acid staining.

slate flooring,slate tile, install slate floor,brazilian slate tile,natural stone floor Durable Slate Flooring

Slate is a natural stone that has been valued throughout the millennia for its sculptural and architectural qualities. Slate floor tile comes in several shapes and sizes. It also gives you a number of texture and color options.

Bathroom Flooring
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As you can see - The possibilities are endless!
Although it is worth remembering that sometimes things fit perfectly in a completely unexpected place

Please check the Guide to the Pluses and Minuses of Flooring Materials before making a choice

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