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Bathroom lights are one of the essential elements when designing your bathroom.

This room is where you prepare for the day, and when getting ready for work it is important to have the correct lighting that will represent the environment you will be in for most of the day or evening.

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There are three essentials to consider in planning bathroom illumination. The first is safety, the second is practicality and the third consideration is style

Lightning that is used in the bathroom is strictly regulated, according to controlled lightning zone, Always have lightning installed by a qualified electrician.

There are three ways to light a bathroom:

  1. Ambient Lighting. Source of overall illumination in a room, such as bathroom ceiling light fixture combined with a ventilating fan.
  2. Task Lighting.Lighting for a specific activity, like wall light for shaving.
  3. Accent Lighting.Decorative lighting , such as theater lights illuminate the shelf.

An improve lighting strategy is to combine several sources of lighting- ambient, task and accent lighting - for a bright bath.

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There is a big difference between the light you need to put on makeup, for example, and the light you need to use the toilet and wash your hands. For makeup and shaving you need lightning that is bright, free from glare and evenly distributed. For a long luxurious soak, candles may be more to your taste.

The lights must work with the other fixtures and fittings. Bathroom illumination can be stark and contemporary, or subtle and diffused.

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A single light in the center of the room is unlikely to offer either the illumination you need or the look you are aiming for. A combination of lights for background illumination and specific task is likely to work best.

The household budget benefits from adequate lighting all over the house, but especially in the bathroom. Correct lighting in the right areas will save money because other lighting appliances are not brought in to supplement poor lighting, therefore keeping cost down and easing the household budget.

Check into the elegant, tasteful light fixtures designs that are available and start planning your dream bathroom today.

Some ideas on bathroom lightning:

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