Some Wonderful Bathroom Painting Ideas

Everyone is always looking for bathroom painting ideas that can easily transform any personal style. And with the array of designs available, it can almost become too difficult to choose! This is why creating your own personal flare is a great way to enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

But, first you'll have to decide on what type of theme or style that you'd prefer. Do you want a calm, tranquil atmosphere or are you looking to add a little spice in house? Regardless of the design that you're looking for; there are many different techniques and painting ideas that can help.

So, let's take a moment and look at some of the most popular ideas. One of the most often designed styles in the bathroom portrays a calming effect. This involves soft hues of blues, grays, and even swirls of white. Many people choose to cover all of the bathroom walls in one color to show a level of consistency.

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However, another great painting idea is to paint three quarters of the wall a beautiful, soft blue and the rest in white. This allows the appearance to seem longer thus making the size of your bathroom look bigger! And, of course; it still creates the preferred tranquil feeling. For an added effect; you can also use blue painting tape to draw designs. By placing the tape in the chosen pattern and painting over it; once it is removed you will have a beautiful and unique shape on the walls. This technique has proven to be one of the most effective and loved bathroom painting ideas to date.

However, some people enjoy an energetic, happy, and lively bathroom. This is when yellows, whites, and greens are the primary colors used. Most people believe that tile is the only decorative tool that can be used to create a sunny bathroom. This couldn't be farther from the truth since painting clearly gives more options to achieve the perfect result. You can easily use the same technique mentioned previously with yellow and white or create your very own with alternating colors.

Why not use an accent wall to portray solid lines in yellow, white, and green? The rest of the bathroom can be one solid color if you prefer; but this can really make the shine in a sunny and happy bathroom! Because of the colors; you can use any combination to achieve the mood you're trying to set. Using deep reds, oranges, along with painted gold trim is perfect and daring while deep browns, dark greens, and trims of tan are perfect for comfort. It's the actual bathroom painting idea that brings the array of colors out.

bathroom painting ideas, painted walls, bathroom painted walls

A highly recommended idea is to paint the ceiling; if possible. Many designers agree; painting the ceiling will really allow the remaining colors and décor to shine. Even if you don't believe it makes a difference; for the overall effect, it really does. Regardless of color; it will help to offset the rest of the tone.

With the different bathroom painting ideas available; it's a guarantee to find one that you'll love.

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