Bathroom Rugs
are a Design's Best Friend

The influence that bathroom rugs have in design is quite large. In fact, choosing your rug for bathroom should be one of the last things that are done unless you want the entire design to hold that as its focal point. With the different styles and designs available; you can really use a rug for anything.

Of course, this is a great advantage to the overall function of a rug. Especially because a bathroom is typically composed of tile; using a rug to prevent slipping when exiting the shower is really the main purpose. But, just because it becomes a necessity; doesn't mean it can't be utilized for design!

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First of all; rugs are offered in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. There are some that are highly recommended for a bathroom over others. For example; a shag rug would not be appropriate for a high traffic bathroom whereas showcasing it in a guest bathroom may be suitable. The constant wiping of feet and moisture will eventually ruin the shag. However, this doesn't mean that rubber is your only alternative. Most rugs for bathroom are designed to withstand traffic, moisture, and wash since dirt becomes a common neighbor. Some have a hardened surface making it convenient to step on without fear of slipping while others can stick to the tile itself to prevent additional slipping. Remember, it not just you that can slip; it can be the rug, too.

But, aside from function; rugs are known to enhance the design of an entire bathroom. There are solid colors that can blend in, stand out, or make a statement. These, of course, can be found in any color of your choosing. For a contemporary bathroom; there are unique shapes ranging from circles to octagons and can really become a focal point. Whether it has bamboo slats, soft plush, clear, or a regular striped rug; it can all be found. This is a great benefit when designing your own bathroom as you never have to feel limited when choosing a bathroom rug. This is also why it is highly recommended to choose your rug last as that can really allow the design flow to be smooth.

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The fact is that rugs are typically the first thing that is noticed in a bathroom. How soft it is, does the color match, and what type of overall feeling does a person get when in your bathroom? These are all questions that are asked when experiencing the first impression of a bathroom rug. It can be different from the rest of the bathroom and still fit. That's the beauty of rugs and the influence they hold in design. Besides; function is the main reason, but design can be the second!

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