Bathroom Scales are the New Accent

Believe it or not; bathroom scales can be used as a part of your overall design. There was a time when every one sold was plain, white, and lacked personality. Times have definitely changed since the demand for decoration has grown to be involved with every thing necessary. Obviously, this includes our weight measurement as well. But, why a scale?

First off, it is always recommended to be weighed wearing little to no clothing for an accurate measurement. And because this is considered a personal moment, this explains why it is customary for a scale to be placed in the bathroom.

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However, just because it is a practical location doesn't mean that you have to suffer with it. Regardless of its main purpose; the different designs available in scales have grown to be vast. For instance; the white square shaped scale is still available, but now it has a more modern look. Some even have accented colors for the safety grip pad for your feet rather than just the black that everyone has been used to. Whether it's digital or automated; these bathroom scales are typically the most affordable as well as valued.

But, if contemporary and modern is more of your style; there are many glass scales with intricate designs that can also match with almost anything. Some even mix materials such as steel or decorative plastic with glass to create a variety of modern designs. The selection is practically endless!

It's been proven that most people tend to weigh themselves if they are in a bathroom with a scale. This means that it will be used by others and if standing out is your goal; then finding the neatest one may be what you want.

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How about one that has feet indentations to indicate where your feet should go? Or how about one that takes body mass as well as weight? Have you looked into one that glows in the dark? There are many scales to choose from that can flow with any design that you may have in mind.

As for placement; keep it out of the way of everyday functional use. Keep it away from the walkway, toilet and sink area. It is recommended to keep it in the corner and if you prefer; out of sight. A great place to store it is in the corner behind the door so that it is only seen when the door is shut. Besides, that may be a personal moment you would like to have with yourself. Another good place is in the opposite corner away from the door; as long as there isn't a shower or bath. This, of course, is preferred for half baths.

bathroom mirrors,modern scales, bathroom decorative accessories

Don't feel as though you don't have any options when it comes to choosing a bathroom scale. You may even want to buy one for every bathroom in the house!

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