The World of Bathroom Themes

When it comes to design; bathroom themes are one of the most unique things to display.

In fact, due to the specific room; you are able to create practically any theme that matches your personal style! It's one of the most fun things to work on and often provides an essence of accomplishment. But, what are some of the different themes that have taken the design world by storm?

Water Theme

Everyone knows that bathrooms involve water which often allows the theme itself to be water derived. For instance, have you thought about making your bathroom a beach theme? Or how about using an underwater theme to make a statement? There are amazing blue tiles and décor items that can help achieve these themes. Even sandy tiles with an accent wall in gray and some unique accessories can really turn your bathroom into a beach regardless of where you're located. This is what allows bathroom to be so much fun!

Another very popular and favorite theme for the bathroom is nautical. You will be surprised at how many different fixtures are made specifically for this theme. Dark blues, whites, and gold colors are a beautiful way to start this nautical vision along with sailboat designed shower curtains, faucets, and soap dish holders. There are even accent tiles available that also have pictures of sailboats and anchors to enhance the overall design.

Colors Theme

But, just because a bathroom is filled with water doesn't necessarily mean that you have to use a theme that is water related. Many people prefer to use color as a theme such utilizing a black and white bathroom. The checkerboard affect is a great way to provide a beautiful theme. Since black and white allows a sense of sophistication; it's a unique way to portray your personal style in the bathroom.

Of course, there are many accessories that can allow you to create the perfect black and white theme in the precise way that you have always imagined. But, black and white aren't the only colors that can be used. There are many color combination that can result in a bathroom theme such as blue and white, green and gold, and even red and purple!

Characters Theme

For those little ones; why not using a Princess or Racecar theme? Again, this is just a simple way to enjoy the different themes in bathroom that can really make the room stand out and create an everlasting impression. Themes are one of the most fun designs to create and can really transform any bathroom into a different area of the home.

So, the next time that you're decorating and designing; what different bathroom themes will you decide on?

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