Choosing The Best Bathroom Toilet and Bidet

A little history on Bathroom Toilet and Bidet.

We should be thankful that we are not living in medieval times when the privy or the garderobe was placed in a small hut, outside the house, and you had to go out battling against the elements, whenever you needed to visit it.

The idea of a bathroom toilet and bidet was definitely a part of ancient or medieval civilizations, eventhough as one had easy access to the forest or to any water source like a stream, people needed a privy in the house. In fact, many ancient castles with rooms built on a large number of floors just had one garderobe for each floor, which you could visit if there was no porcelain pot kept in your room!

Thankfully, we are extremely fortunate that modern interior designers definitely consider a bathroom to be an integral and important part of your house. And that is the reason why, your bathroom toilet and bidet needs to look attractive, unique and special!

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So bathroom accessories for your toilet including the bidet, shower faucets, bathtubs and the sink are important commodities, of which selection you are definitely going to be spending a lot of thought, time and energy.

Bidets and their accessories

Now for all those people who are really confused about bidets. These are basins and sinks in the bathroom, where you can wash your essentials after relieving yourself. Bidets have hot water and cold water taps and a plug. The taps fill the bidet and also force water in a fountain, to wash you, when required. This bidet is normally installed between the toilet and the wash basin, so that you can get easy access to it.

You might want to purchase your bidet from the same place you purchased your toilet, so that the color combination and the design remains the same in keeping with the decor of your shower, en-suite or bathroom suite.

Bidets are always fitted with vertical sprays which spray a jet of water upwards. They are positioned at the very bottom of the bidet bowl. You can also get bidets with horizontal sprayers positioned on the back of the bidet bowl.

You can choose from a wide assortment of mixer levers and taps, when choosing the accessories to go with your bidet. Get a professional to install the trap, drain pipe, hot as well as cold water pipes on your bidet. You can also get shower bidets and hand bidets available in the market, at the moment.

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Choosing the Best Bathroom Toilets and accessories

Now, coming to bathroom toilets. Why have toilets with a pull chain system, which went out with the dinosaurs when you have flush sensors, and other accessories which are going to prevent the wastage of cistern water? Make sure that the bathroom toilet has an extended end, so that you can set yourself on it more comfortably. According to statistics the leadins supplier for the bathroom toilets is American Standard. See that they can be cleaned really easily. So naturally, a toilet seat with smooth coating finish is definitely going to be easier to clean than one of which the finish is scratched and chipped. Other toilet accessories include seat heating systems and a fan.

Look at your budget as well as your requirements and then go in for the best color combination, the best designs suited to your purpose and requirements, and the accessories, which are going to make your bathroom toilet a comfortable luxurious well-designed room of your house!

Do not forget the air fresheners and the soap dispenser in the bathroom!

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