Brighten up with bathroom wall lighting

Redesigning your bathroom wall lighting is an easy and affordable way to put a bright new spin on your bathroom.

Whether you're replacing old fixtures, or redesigning the entire lighting structure, there are several steps you should take first.

Before you begin changing your bathroom wall lighting, take these steps:

  • Determine how well lit you want the bathroom. Take into account windows, mirrors and reflective countertops that can create and redistribute light. If your bathroom is smaller, consider incorporating more light, because it creates the illusion of more room.
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  • Create multiple lighting settings. The needs of your bathroom wall lighting are different at 8 p.m. than they are at 8 a.m. Sometimes you will want the room as bright as possible, but that probably won't be the case when you stumble in there at 5 a.m. The best way to do this is by adding several light sources or using dimmers. One area that is often overlooked is the bathtub. Make sure this area is well lit, and decide if another light in that area will be needed.
  • Create several light sources surrounding the main mirrors. The best and most stylish way to do this is to put matching modern wall sconces on either side of the mirrors. Two different light sources, such as matching modern wall sconces, cut down on any shadowing that could make shaving or putting on makeup a hassle.
  • Be mindful of shadows. Besides the mirror, there are many doors, cabinets and curtains in the bathroom. Any one of these items could cut down on a significant amount of light and change the overall lighting situation. Be prepared for this.

bathroom wall lighting,wall sconces,bathroom lights, wall lightsbathroom wall lighting,wall sconces,bathroom lights, wall lights

There are many places that bathroom wall lighting can be installed, but to maximize efficiency, lights are typically installed in at least two or three spots.

Here are the three most efficient areas to add lights:

bathroom wall lighting,wall sconces,bathroom lights, wall lights
  • The main ceiling. There are several options for this type of lighting fixture. If the bathroom doesn't have a fan in it, you can add a ceiling fan. Spotlights and down-lights have become increasingly popular and when mixed in with other lights can be very bright. The spotlights can be angled at several areas where the lighting is typically most helpful. If you don't have a spot wired for a ceiling light, swag lights can be hung with a power chord running down to an outlet.
  • On the side wall next to the mirrors. You can add bathroom wall sconce lighting or modern wall sconces. As mentioned before, lighting for the mirrors is crucial. Bathroom wall sconce lighting makes sure to cut down on shadows and show true skin tones.
  • Above the shower. These are common in large rooms to make sure there is sufficient light. Whenever installing a light above the shower, make sure the lighting is enclosed in a dome, globe or fluorescent lighting fixture.

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