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Unfortunately due to the high moisture in the bathroom, the choice of bathroom wallpapers is limited, although the selection of wallpapers is huge and decorating possibilities tremendous.

The walls constitute a very big part in your bathroom area. So if you want to refurbish your bathroom, start with the walls. Clean and beautiful walls can totally doll up the entire area. Great thing about bathroom walling is that you can actually be creative on it. There are many ways on how you can renew the walls. You can repaint it, install wall panels, or make use of wallpaper.

Installing wallpaper is one way to redecorate your bathroom which is incredibly easy on the pocket. Unlike overall repainting or tiling, setting up wallpaper in the entire bathroom area can be a great way to spruce up this very important room.

There are thousands of bathroom wallpaper designs available in the market today. You can check the web to get an idea of what wallpaper style are you going to use. There's nothing to worry about the installation. Gone are the days that you still have to apply glue on the walls. Now, bathroom wallpapers come with adhesive tapes and all you need to do is post it on the wall and that's it.

Bathroom Wallpaper Design Ideas

Beige wallpaper goes with any style of bathroom. It can augment any kind of furniture as well such as wooden, plastic, metal, and glass. If you want to brighten up your vanity area, the color beige is the best choice. Bathroom wallpaper made from vinyl is very ideal. Aside from its durability, vinyl has a very good texture and innate beauty. On the other hand, fabric bathroom wallpaper is also a great option because it absorbs moisture. Fabric comes in various designs as well and they look pretty in the area. Some house owners make use of faux wallpaper. Faux paper is very versatile. It can mimic tiles, stones, bricks, and panels.

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The ones that are suitable are washable and vinyl wallpaper. If you have adequate ventilation, wallpaper in bathroom is a possibility but may curl and attract mold when exposed to moisture.You can use regular wallpapers in the bathroom if you want, but avoid putting them near a water source and expect to replace them sooner.

Vinyl coated or vinyl wallpaper is durable and is best for the bathroom. They are made of a printed plastic layer that is glued to a paper and are available in smooth and embossed textures. Vinyl wallpaper is resistant to rubbing and extremely tough and hard-wearing.

Embossed vinyl papers are the most resistant of all wallpapers. Embossed wallpapers create illusions by adding volume to patterns or surfaces. They are very easy to strip, when it's time to change the design of your bathroom.

Washable wallpaper covered with a transparent protective coating. They will work good with a mild detergent, but avoid scrubbing them. They are very difficult to strip once hung.

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Vinyl wallpapers and washable papers will be the better choices and acceptable for bathroom.

If you love the wallpaper in the bathroom, then better solution will be to use wallpaper borders on the painted walls. Whether your bathroom style is country or traditional, with wallpaper borders you can rejuvenate your bathroom décor.

Your bathroom is a reflection of your personality. It is always best that you take part in planning for the bathroom renovation and not just leave it to your designer. If you're a jolly person, you can make use of colorful bathroom wallpaper that has loud and big designs. If you want to make your bathroom one-of-a-kind, you can install unique wallpaper that's composed of different colors. If you want to make it very elegant and classy, stick to one color and accentuate the area with stunning decors, thick and stylish curtains, and renewed flooring.

A fabulous-looking bathroom is worth having. And fortunately, it doesn't have to be expensive.

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