Impressive Bathroom Walls Ideas

Nowadays the market of finishing bathroom walls materials is very rich and gives us unlimited possibilities for bathroom designs

Bathroom walls no longer have to be painted with light semi-gloss paint as have been the traditional pattern of the past.

New materials and products make it simple to update your room with a dramatic change in wall covering decor.

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Painted Walls

If you have always had good luck with the ease and care that is found with paint, there are several options in blending colors to create your own design on your bathroom. Stencils or Wall murals are possible for a little drama to bring out a new exciting look for a wall covering. For a streamlined modern effect, two wide stripes in separate colors will bring balance to an empty wall without going overboard. Outline windows and fixtures with bold stripes for a colorful change. Some wonderful bathroom painting ideas

Bathroom Wallpapers

When considering a new walls covering, remember that the bathroom has much more moisture exposure than other rooms in your home. For this reason, wallpaper is not always a good choice in bathroom. If you have adequate ventilation, wallpaper is a possibility but may curl and attract mold when exposed to moisture. Always look for the words vinyl and scrubbable when considering wallpaper for your bathroom.bathroom designs, bathroom accessories, designer ceramic tile,porcelain tile,bathroom designs ideas, white and tan bathroom

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is functional, washable and durable to use as a wall covering. There are several more options today in color and design than there were twenty years ago. Patterns include a stone or marble without the high cost that these materials are prone to have. Designer ceramic tile is becoming popular with artistic paintings to arrange in a grouping or line along your walls.

Wall Paneling

Wall paneling for bathroom are an easy and decorative idea to use. Manufactured with thermoplastics, or UPVC, these panels are waterproof and come in an array of designs. A wood grain, marble or mosaic effect is possible with wall paneling in addition to several different plain colors. Many good manufacturers offer a 10 to 15 year warranty on this type of bathroom wall covering. This is one of the newest types of bathroom design for DIYers with new designs being added every day.


Mosaic tile become very popular in wall coverings. Glass Mosaic tile- the most affordable covering material from all of the mosaic species.

Wall Decals

Wall Decals are the latest trend in bathroom design.These wall tattoos are fashionable, cool, super versatile and are so easy to use! Wall decals are similar to vinyl stickers, which means they can be used on all types of surfaces including; tile, glass, wood, metal and plastic.

Wooden Walls

Wood is very popular in almost every room of the house and the bathroom is no exception. Given the fact that wood is an enemy to water and moisture, great care must be given to using wood as a wall covering. It must be treated and finished very well with a urethane finish and even then, you are not guaranteed a long life.

Marble Walls

Marble tile remains the number one choice when looking for wear and longevity. It is also one of the most expensive to have installed. Cost, wear and maintenance should all be considered when choosing a new bathroom wall covering. If you like remodel your bathroom every five years,affordable paint and vinyl wallpaper will work fine for your needs.

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