Calming Blue Bathroom

Blue bathroom may be an ideal bathroom color, because of the calming effect, perfect for those wanting to slip into a soothing bath or shower

There are many hues of blue - from sky blue, to royal blue, to deep navy.Here are a few inspirational and awesome ideas.

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This soothing blue bathroom gives a contrast of blue and white creating a very calming effect. The added center wall with elongated blue designed tiles placed sideways along with an alternating blue and light blue border allows the simple white wall in the middle to stand out.

The oval mirror and wall mounted vanity gives this bathroom design a modern and tranquil style. With the tile on the floor matching the same tile of the accent; this allows the overall style to tie together.

However, it's the overall effect of the white tiled walls with small accents of blue mosaics and contrasting border that really allows this bathroom to shine.

bathroom wall, blue bathroom,blue mosaic,blue wall paneling,two legged vanity

This fun bathroom is a mixture of bright blue, dark blue, and topped with natural sunlight. The dark blue wall with bright blue flower patterns allows the main focal point for the sleek silver vanity and uniquely shaped mirror.

The alternating dark and bright blue backsplash on the side of the wall and shower floor continues to tie in the fun colors. With the solid shower walls and simple white bathroom tiled floor; this prevents the overall space from becoming busy with design.

But, the highlight of this blue bathroom is the natural sunlight that is able to accent its beauty by various windows as well as the main skylight. It's a fun-filled bathroom perfect for pool side use!

Courtesy of Ceramicalord
blue bathroom,blue ceramic tile,wall mounted sink,blue floor tile, blue flower tile

The same sized tiles in three different colors are placed horizontally throughout this bathroom giving it a very calming effect. The aqua blue color is the overall tile in use starting from the bottom half of the wall and flowing onto the floor. This provides a beautiful effect and allows the space to seem larger.

The elongated wall mounted vanity is a perfect touch with the same sized mirror. For some added design; the darker blue tile that contrasts the flower patterned tile is strategically placed on the opposite wall. This enables the flower patterned border to creatively group in all three colors in this bathroom; white, aqua blue, and dark blue.

It's a very contemporary bathroom that can instantly provide a tranquil effect from the moment it is entered.

Courtesy of Liana Hunanyan
blue bathroom,bathroom murals,ocean murals,under the sea,corner jaccuzi tub,wall mounted vanity cabinet

This particular bathroom style is perfect for those who enjoy undersea adventures. The blue murals that offer an Under the Sea theme instantly transform the bathroom into an oceanic experience. The special lighting effect that gives the optical illusions of architectural design in the wall is another added twist.

The solid white floor tiles with swirls of white also give the illusion of waves in water. Best of all; the fixtures needed for functional use such as the corner based tub, sleek toilet, and the modern wall mounted vanity are silver in color making them unique solid accents that tone town the busyness of the murals.

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