Boy Bathroom Decorating Ideas and Tips

When designing a boy bathroom, there are a few important things to consider. The most important thing is to have a theme.

All cool bathrooms have a theme. Whether your boy bathroom puts you on a pirate ship or in outer space is up to you. Even the smallest details of the bathroom, from hand towels to toilet paper holders, can fit the theme you choose.

Matching towels, mirrors, wall decorations, rugs and shower curtains all help promote the central theme. The bathtub is also a key component to the bathroom. It needs to be big enough to splash around in for younger boys and large enough to accommodate older boys as well. It is also ideal to tie the tub into the overall theme, if possible, as you'll notice in these photographs.

Here are a few boy bathroom design examples:

boy bathroom,theme bathroom,cool bathroom

This bathroom features an Alaskan wilderness theme.

Everything in the bathroom fits the theme, including the grizzly bear on the shower curtain.

The shower curtain and wallpaper match each other both in color and theme. The table adds to the outdoorsy setting. Even the hardwood floors give you the sense of being in the woods.

The bear paw bath mat is a clever touch that injects uniqueness and fun. Cool bathrooms will always have something unique like this.

boy bathroom,theme bathroom,cool bathroom

You know that this is a boy bathroom the second you walk in. Nothing says boy like sailor. This classic theme is incorporated into this bathroom in very clever ways.

The blue wood panels almost make you feel like you are aboard an ocean-liner.

The flags painted on the ceiling and the walls bring movement into the room. The starfish and seashells further emphasize the ocean atmosphere.

The bathtub is perfect for this bathroom. It is plenty big and blends right in, and it is cleverly shaped like a boat to tie into the sailor theme.

boy bathroom,theme bathroom,cool bathroom

This beach-themed boy bathroom keeps things simple but stylish. The colorful beach towels are an inexpensive and effective way of quickly creating the theme.

This bathroom's best feature is that it uses shapes and textures quite well. Some of the ceiling lights are in a wavy groove.

The shower curtain also has a wavy pattern. When we see waves we subconsciously think of water and the beach.

Even though we don't actually see the Pacific Ocean or a sandy beach, we feel like we are there.

Cool bathrooms set a tone and a mood and help us imagine we are right in the middle of a relaxing place ... in this case, the beach.

boy bathroom,theme bathroom,cool bathroom

Great bathroom designs take advantage of what they have to work with. This bathroom for boy utilizes every available inch. This futuristic design is seen in every part of the bathroom.

The toilet, tub and sink all match. They are modern and fit well within the theme. The lights and mirror also attain the futuristic feel.The use of color in this bathroom is incredible.

The coloring of the walls and floor stand out, and while they may not lend to a relaxing setting, they definitely inspire the imagination. Using inspiring color schemes like this turns ordinary bathrooms into cool bathrooms.

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