Beautiful Ceramic Tile Murals

Ceramic tile murals are an affordable decorating solution for your bathroom.

Humid bathroom environment puts some restrictions on use of some materials. You can get the expensive tile look at affordable wallpaper prices.

With easy installation, you save time and money. The best part about murals - you can do it yourself!

With mural tiles you can turn a wall in your bathroom into a picture window or a panoramic view of the ocean.

There are great options to choose from when it comes to designing a creative masterpiece for the bathroom, and it usually takes a certain flare for design to get it to come together and form a larger picture. Designing ceramic tile murals takes a lot of patience and talent. Not just anyone can throw together tile pieces and make something altogether new. The look and feel that is created with this style of décor can really set your bathroom apart from the rest. If you're looking for a creative way to highlight your bathroom's overall aesthetic, choose this option.

Finding tile to make into a mural can be somewhat daunting, especially if you have a design in mind. There are a lot of different factors that go into the purchase of any amount of tile, and finding the colors that are right for the visual representation that is going to be made can seem like a very daunting issue. Don't be fooled, it's not impossible; it just means you'll have to spend more time looking for very specific options.

When in doubt, call in a professional. There are a lot of different contractors that can pull together a flawless design, without the use of extra nuances. Finding someone to do it properly might be a painstaking task, which is why it's important to consider the following tips when hiring someone to help create ceramic tile murals:

  • Portfolio - Ask for an example of their work. Someone who's proud of their previous work will be ready to prove it by showing you photos of their most recent jobs. If someone doesn't have an example, at least let them give you an estimate as to how much it would cost and how long it will take. Everyone starts from somewhere, and if you are willing to let a professional try, that's up to you to decide.
  • Estimates - Make sure you get a free estimate before you invest in any type of design work, even if it seems rudimentary.
  • Recommendations - Look around your home and see if anyone around you has had any type of work done in this manner. If so, ask them about it, and you'll be surprised what you hear. If they used an outside contractor, ask them how much it was, and how long it took to complete.

Use of murals, makes the design of the bathroom really unique. You can create a very distinctive view:

  • Set the mood of the bathroom and make the original design;
  • Arrange your favorite photos on the walls;
  • Simulate materials that are not available for use in the bathroom;
  • Visually change the proportions of the bathroom.

Murals can cover bathroom walls completely and give a wall painting-like impression, or part of the wall and give it a look of the picture.

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These solutions significantly transform the interior of the bathroom, as well as create a lot of visual effects, transforming your bathroom into masterpiece.

Check some murals ideas for Kids bathrooms.

However, keep in mind that bathroom design must be tailored to accommodate you desired murals.

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