The Natural Wonder of
Copper Vessel Sink

Copper vessel sink have become extremely popular due to the natural weathering that it endures making it more chic with every use. However, most people rarely give these types of sinks a second look for fear of water damage.

What they don't know is that the longer these copper sinks are used; the more they achieve their desired design! There is a lot of information on copper and how it can be an advantage; so stopping here first is a great start.

So, what makes copper vessel sinks such a unique design?

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First of all; they are constructed from a slab of copper allowing it to be styled into practically any shape. As you know; vessel sinks sit above the countertop and even prevent excess splash from occurring during use.

However, they are constructed with an artisan hammer to give it a true copper appearance. Since copper is a natural product; it beings to weather into its prime finish by exposure to moisture, temperature, and water spots. This process is called patina and has been used for centuries in priming true copper. Some people love the overall natural effect that this copper sink goes through and others do not. Luckily; you are allowed some type of control.

For those who want to maintain the bright, clean appearance of copper; there is a copper sealant or wax that can be used to keep your sink looking as new as the day that it was originally purchased. But, most people enjoy the natural changing effect that copper endures and often leaves it to weather the ongoing elements.

Similar to other vessel sinks; these fixtures can be shaped to match any style. Whether you're looking for the typical smooth edged bowl, or a more square design, or even a flowered shape sink; you are able to find anything that you're looking for with the array of styles available. Some copper vessel sinks have already been weathered to appease an old world taste while others are carefully constructed to maintain its bright and new design. This means that the color of copper is apparent; whether it is a light or dark hue.

But, the one thing that enables this design to be so unique is the choices that are available with actual embedded designs. Like many other vessel sinks available; the detailed décor within copper sinks can be swirled, entail specific designs, and even offer decorative lips that can be found in practically any style!

bathroom sink, copper vessel sinks, metal sinkbathroom sink, copper vessel sinks, metal sinkbathroom sink, copper vessel sinks, metal sink

It's obvious; copper vessel sinks can be the main focal point in your newly designed bathroom. Because it's such a new product; it's slowly growing to be a mandatory fixture in every bathroom. It shows sophistication, style, and a new wave for the future in bathroom design.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the material that the world has naturally provided and make it the highlight of your bathroom!

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