The Perks of Corner Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs were traditionally designed for larger and more luxurious bathrooms, but they recently have become popular in smaller bathrooms to take advantage of their space-saving features

They are usually installed in the far corner of the bathroom underneath a window, which adds another ledge for storing bathtub essentials. The design creates a more open space, whether it's in a small or large bathroom.

These tubs can be designed to fit any style, whether it's contemporary or traditional.

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There are typically two types of bathtubs to choose from:

  • Large bathtubs - If the bathtub is going to be designed for a lavish bathing experience, a large bathtub is optimal. This bathtub can be designed with jets and other hot-tub amenities. The molding of the bathtub can be contoured for a more comfortable bathing area, and they can fit several people.
  • Small bathtubs - These bathtubs are perfect for saving space in a bathroom. They can be stashed into the corner of a bathroom with ample shelving along the wall. These tubs have a deeper design, which creates a more comfortable mold while fitting into a smaller area, and they can fit up to two people. Make sure to measure the platform surrounding the bathtub if it's going into a tight space.

corner bathtubs, jaccuzi

These type of bathtub is a perfect and safer option for senior citizens or other people that have safety concerns with traditional bathtubs. While bathing for most people is an after thought, it can be a worrisome experience for some people, and the corner one can take this worry away.

These are some of the safer features found in these tubs:

  • Stools and seating areas can be designed inside corner bathtubs, or the sides of the tub can be molded to create a more comfortable seating area for people who have problems sitting in bathtubs. This design takes away the worry of falling over in the shower, and it also helps people with joint problems.
  • Getting into these tubs can be much easier because pedestals and steps are often designed into bathtubs. The sides of these tubs are raised up for a more stylish appearance, but the steps or pedestals allow for easier access.

Corner bathtubs have become much more popular when redesigning bathrooms because they are much safer, take up less space, and can easily be fit with jets and other Jacuzzi features.

corner bathtubs, jaccuzi

They are a great fit for all bathrooms, so make sure to consider them when you're redesigning your bathroom.

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