Country Bathroom Vanities

Country bathroom vanities help you capture the spirit of country living

Are you thinking about changing your bathroom's design and want to include some country bathroom vanities to create a more country style that you will be happy with?

A vanity is great way to merge storage and functionality in a space and the bathroom is one area where space is often an afterthought and you find people trying to cram as many things as possible into it. You want to be able to have ample enough space for you to feel relaxed in your bathroom and consider it truly an oasis or a sanctuary rather than just a place for you to clean up and take care of your hygiene.

With country being one of the more popular architectural and interior design themes out there, the ready availability of materials and furniture for country homes is not a question and there are even specialty stores that make it a point to provide country-themed items for homes. From big items such as the sink, the toilet, and the bathtub to smaller items such as sconces, wicker laundry baskets, and soap dishes, country pieces abound and being able to pull everything together to come up with a seamless country style bathroom is definitely a high possibility.

country bathroom vanity, wood vanity,country style

This great vanity with build-in wooden backsplash and oval mirror gives your bathroom a nostalgic look.Polka-dot chandeleir shades and polka-dot skirt are adding addition charm to this country style bathroom. Wooden towel holders are another great essential which adds a rustic look.


Country bathroom vanities are not limited to just completely wooden ones though wood is indeed one of the materials heavily used in their construction. Some designs make use of a combination of wood and stone, with the base of the vanity being made in the former and the top portion or counter area of the vanity being made in the latter. There are different kinds of wood materials as well as stone materials that can be chosen when creating these kinds of vanities and a homeowner can even go so far as to have them custom-built.


One important thing to consider is what kind of "country" style the home is going to have since this design style is quite broad and is often separated into more specific designs such as French country, English country, and so on. It would make greater sense to have a more cohesive look to your bathroom by ensuring that the pieces you are choosing go together. However, you can always try your hand at combining these different country styles and coming up with a more eclectic design for your bathroom and truly make it unique and stand out from anything else.


When choosing country bathroom vanities, you can combine those that provide pure storage with those that are more functional, i.e. those with sink tops. There are vanities that may have both the ability to store and have a sink at the same time. You may also be able to find a full vanity that has a sink on one side and counter space on the other while there are also vanities that have double sinks for couples or for those that share their bathroom with others.

country bathroom vanity, wood vanity,country style

The classic country look is associated with stenciled motif used as a vanity door decorations and the feel of rubbing paint with this double sink vanity. Wooden floors beautifully compliment the furniture.

Whichever way you choose to go, there are bathroom vanities to fit your needs.

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