Romantic Country Style Bathrooms

A country style bathrooms are meant to provide a small heaven within your home, as you can bring the "homey" look into your bathroom

Homeowners who want to re-create a more country feel to their homes but are not too sure how to go about designing country style bathrooms will be happy to know that putting together a bathroom with that old time country charm is not really as difficult as it may seem.

The thing to remember here is that the bathroom design needs to fit in with the look and feel of the rest of the house so it only makes sense to come up with a bathroom that has a country style if the overall design of the home is also in the same vein.

When you think of these types of bathrooms, you may end up thinking of a bygone era when toilets were automated and people had to bring in their own water from a well or a pump located outside the home. If that is what you have in mind, you could begin to talk yourself out of even pursuing such a design and no one could really blame you. However, while bathrooms centuries ago may not have enjoyed the kind of automation people enjoy now, there is absolutely no need to suffer through that same setup today.

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Beautiful neutral off-white painted walls and half wall paneling make this cottage style bathroom welcoming and warm. Bright color rug, country style towels, wicker baskets and peg rack are all part of country style decorating.

You can enjoy having country style bathrooms in your home and still maintain a sense of modernity since whatever will be placed in the bathroom itself may have that country style look but equipped for your home's installed water system and electrical power. Who says you cannot have the best of both worlds?

There are suppliers that can provide you with toilets, sinks, light fixtures, bathtubs, and anything else that you may want to include in your countrified bathroom but do take the time to ask if there are any special instructions involved with the installation of these items so that you are better prepared and equipped to handle the job.

One way you can definitely go more country in your bathroom is to have a toilet with a high level cistern that has a light metal chain and handle that can be pulled down so as to flush the water. This kind of toilet may be a tad difficult to find so do your research and check out if it is readily available in your area or if you will need to order it and/or have it shipped. This may also mean a more complex plumbing setup so talk with a professional plumber and ask for their advice before proceeding.

Courtesy of Steve Smith
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Floor to ceiling painted tongue-and-groove paneling has romantic country bathrooms decorating look.Claw foot tub is a staple in this country bathroom.

Country style bathrooms can provide a more homespun feel, what with a claw-footed tub and wall-hung wooden cabinetry to further enhance the overall appearance. The combination of brass, wood, and ceramic can indeed make you feel as if you are out in the country while still being able to enjoy all the convenience that modern technology and engineering has to offer. You can even combine country with contemporary to come up with a more unique bathroom design having that country style essence and motif in a more contemporary setting.

Country style decorating adds a romantic atmosphere to your house.

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