A Guide to Decorating Small Bathroom

Decorating small bathroom can be quite a challenge. When you are decorating small space, there are several easy and cost-effective ways to create the illusion of more space.

There are two types of tips: tips for an already built bathroom, and tips for a bathroom that has not yet been built.

Keep in mind that the tips for an already built bathroom will also work for a bathroom that has not yet been constructed.

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Here are some small bathroom decorating ideas for a bathroom that has already been built:

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1) Use light colors. Whether you're repainting the ceiling, walls, or retiling the floors, make sure to use bright colors. These colors will add a spacious feeling and it's a great tactic for decorating small bathrooms. If you want to use some dark colors, fill out the rest of the room with darker accessories, like hand towels, and mats.

2) Use a large mirror. The mirror adds an illusion of space, especially when it's reflecting light, bright colors. Having a large mirror over the sink helps add an effect of more space.

3) Expand the walls and ceiling. Add more to the walls and ceiling than just a solid coat of paint. By using paintings, murals, or moldings, you can add depth to the room. Place a large painting or mural of an open space on the biggest wall, and add a lattice design or molding along the ceiling's perimeter.

Here are some small bathroom decorating ideas for a bathroom that has not yet been built:

small bathroom

1) Using small appliances and components is crucial for decorating small bathrooms. Make sure your tub, sink and any storage units are small and long. Make sure to cut back on any units that stick out from the wall. For example, instead of a large vanity sink, choose a pedestal sink that is cheap and takes up little space.

2) Layout the components so that there aren't any conflicting problems. Make none of the appliances get in each other's way. Make sure the door opening up doesn't interact negatively with any of the other bathroom activities.

3) Add lots of light. One tip to adding light is creating a large window. The window can be tricky, but a large window will give the effect of a larger room. You can run into privacy problems, however, so make sure to either keep the window high, or make sure the window cannot be easily seen through. Another alternative to the window is adding a skylight.

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