Double Sink Bathroom Vanities - The Perfect Double Bathroom Vanity

Re-designing a double bathroom vanity is an easy way to redo your bathroom. The vanity is probably the most important feature in the bathroom, and everything should be designed around it

Double sink bathroom vanities have become much more popular, especially with couples. They allow couples to use a sink in the morning simultaneously, and double sink bathroom vanities are able to store a lot more than single bathroom vanities.

The first thing you should consider when choosing a vanity is what material it is made out of. There are several options, and the material should fit the theme of your bathroom.

double bathroom vanity, double sink wooden vanity

These are the most common materials used to build double bathroom vanity sinks:

  • Antique wooden vanities have more versatility than their counterparts. These bathrooms can be used for an older, antique look, or can be designed to appear more contemporary. Wooden vanities can easily be repainted to different colors if you change your mind.
  • Stone based-vanities are more durable and usually have a more modern look. These vanities are typically made out of marble or granite with granite being more common in commercial buildings.
  • Tempered glass vanity looks stylish and contemporary.These vanities are easier to clean and use tempered glass for safety reasons. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small pieces, as opposed to large sharp pieces that can cut you as they break. This look is great for making smaller bathrooms appear to be larger, and they look very stylish when the matching mirrors are hung above them.

corner bathtub, acrylic bathtub,white bathtub

While the most important aspect of a vanity is to match the décor of your house, there are several other design features that need to be determined before you go shopping. It's vital to pick out a vanity that fits all of your needs. These are the features:
  • Size - The first thing you need to do is to make sure it fits in the space it is going. Measure the length and width, but also measure the depth that it is going to stick out in the bathroom.
  • Storage - Determining everything that needs to fit on and inside the vanity is important. The vanity is pivotal for saving space; if it's not large enough for storage, pick out another vanity. If the double bathroom vanity is not enough storage space, there are floor-to-ceiling vanities that increase storage.
  • Matching mirrors - The mirrors that go above a vanity need to match in both color and style. If you already have the mirrors picked out, make sure the vanity matches.
  • Plumbing -The plumbing in the bathroom has to match the plumbing in the bathroom vanity. Make sure you know how the bathroom is plumbed before you go shopping for a vanity.

corner bathtub, acrylic bathtub,white bathtub

Make sure to remember all of these tips when you are picking out your double bathroom vanity. Once you have determined all the aspects of the vanity, picking out the perfect one is much easier

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