Duck Bathroom Accessories aren't Only for the Kids

Duck bathroom accessories are fantastic in a child's bathroom, but did you know that you can make it elegant as well?

This Rubber Ducky theme is extremely popular especially because of the fun that designing it can be. It is very popular for kid's and because of this; the selection for bathroom accessories are endless. However, they all seem to hold one thing in common; the wonderful blue, white, and yellow color of the Rubber Ducky theme.

duck bathroom accessories, decorative bathroom accessories

Variety of styles

When it comes to duck bathroom accessories; there are a variety of styles for the duck to choose from. For example; there is a duck that resembles a cartoon character and is very fun and whimsical while other duck examples include an older version.

Child's or Adult's bathroom?

Some decorations are clearly children related while others can serve as the overall design in a guest bathroom. Believe it or not; it is very possible to make a bathroom full of ducks an elegant fixture of the home.

duck bathroom accessories, decorative bathroom accessories

So, to start; it's important to decide the style that you're looking for. If this is for a child; then it is highly recommended to choose the cartoon duck. You can actually find soap dishes, dispensers, tooth brush holders, and garbage cans all with this infamous duck. Similar to the Rubber Ducky; these duck bathroom accessories can match it perfectly.

Whether you're looking for an actual duck to hold your toothbrush or just a cute design with a small reference; you can find anything to match your personal preference with accessories. There are even colorful, but simple fixtures that can be used for the theme perfectly!

duck bathroom accessories, decorative bathroom accessories

Some people like to take the theme to the distance by getting a rug that is shaped like the duck as well. Again, this is a fantastic idea for a kid's bathroom.

However, if you're looking to keep it simple; make sure to get a solid white, blue, or yellow rug to match. And don't forget to add a little shag into the mix as this resembles the water.

The shower curtain, of course, has the most options when matching your duck bathroom accessories. You can have a white or blue curtain with pictures of the duck posing in different positions all over or something solid to keep it elegant.

Just because the duck theme is being used doesn't mean it can't be adult related. This is why keeping the biggest areas of the bathroom a solid color will help keep the elegance of the duck bathroom accessories.

duck bathroom accessories, decorative bathroom accessories

Plenty of ways to decorate

As you can see; there are plenty of ways to decorate your bathroom into a duck theme. Whether it's an older duck or the cartoon, playful Rubber Ducky; it's a theme that everyone will enjoy.

So, the next time that you're looking at duck accessories; make sure to coordinate the rest of the bathroom as well. And don't be afraid to use a little solid color here and there!

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