How to Make a Feng Shui Bagua Map

For those people just beginning to purchase a house, perhaps a self-constructed feng shui bagua map may be a recommended idea especially for those feng shui tradition-holders. This has become one of the most practiced traditions in the world today simply because almost every starting family wants nothing more but peace and prosperity in their household. Unlike the other traditions of feng shui, the bagua map is somewhat like the blueprint that will pave the way for the other feng shui decorations and additions to let the positive energy flow inside the house.

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The feng shui bagua map is defined by nine squares of three columns and three rows that make up the secrets in one's living spaces. This system of squares, or sometimes octagons, called trigrams represent all the aspects of a person's life situation throughout his or her life.

The nine areas are related to the fundamental elements in Chinese tradition, namely fire, water, wind, mountain, wood, earth, metal, and heaven, and are represented by the following life situations: wealth, the upper left area which is denoted by a purple color; fame, the red area at the top-middle portion; partnership, the pink area at the upper right; family, the green area located at the middle left; center, which is the yellow area that represents health and the balance of all life situations; offspring, the white area at the middle right; knowledge, the blue area at the lower left; career, represented by the black area at the lower middle, and; helpers, the gray area located at the lower right.

To start the whole process, the first thing to do is sketch the whole trigrams on top of the full blueprint of the house; if the size does not fit the square, it is alright if there are gaps, but it should be proportional to the whole building. The front entrance should coincide with the lower areas, namely the knowledge, career, and helper area. Then, continue on until the whole areas have been adequately and equally partitioned. Each area, known as gua, will reflect the whole life situation of the family. For example, a house shaped like a square with no top-left area will signify that the family will lack in wealth in the future.

What do these signs suggest in this kind of tradition? If the previous example were to be considered, it would mean that the household reflects that the family will lack in the wealth area of life situations. However, most people would wonder what to do with those missing areas. Thankfully, these shortcomings can be cured by planting a quartz crystal or any tree to mark the missing corner so that the area will be powered up. An indoor solution can also be performed by hanging mirrors on the walls closest to the missing area, or by hanging supplemental ornaments that can cure the missing area.

No matter what anyone says, the feng shui bagua map is a great tradition to keep the family secure and motivated throughout their daily life situations.

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