How to Create the Perfect Feng Shui Bathroom

What is feng shui bathroom - you probably asking yourself.

Learning the art of feng shui has always been the common tradition of millions and millions of families across the globe in their daily lives, and the interior aspects like having a good feng shui bathroom matters. The most common idea of these concepts involves the construction of houses, because these structures serve as channels that will accept the flow of chi, or the life force conceptualized by the Chinese that may either be positive or negative. The flow of chi does not only depend on the outside but the inside as well, which is why the bathroom serves as an integral part of the flow of chi, which is why it is important to understand feng shui concepts.

The bathroom, based on feng shui bagua map, is an area of the house that encompasses the water element, which at the same time symbolizes the flow of wealth, career, prosperity, and cash flow. The perfect feng shui bathroom has to have the right arrangements in order to take in the positive energy that will bring forth these effects. To achieve this, certain basic concepts must be taken into account before anything else. The first and most important rule to remember is that the bathroom, as mentioned, is concerned with the element of water; hence, it is based around the flow of water inside the bathroom. Lastly, the bathroom is an area of the house that is concerned with waste elimination.

feng shui bathroom, chi style bathroom

The most obvious rule above everything else is that a defective plumbing system will always signal a blockage of positive chi, so it would be a wise choice to make sure that there are no defects in the waterways of the house. The next step in creating a feng shui environment in the bathroom is its placement in the house. There are certain places in the house that would compromise the flow of positive chi: bathrooms at the center of the house, bathrooms that are above the kitchen or front door, bathrooms underneath the stairs, and bathrooms that are right beside the front door or at the front hallway. The worst possible location of bathrooms is at the center, because it will just ruin the total flow of energy. The flow would be compensated by painting the walls red, putting a mirror outside the door, and placing earthenware on the four corners of the bathroom.Why red? What red means in feng shui colors? If a bathroom is near the front door, the positive chi would just rush out quickly before even getting the chance to circulate inside.

Having a bathroom above the kitchen or front door would only "put out" the "fire" that the kitchen signifies, and the negative energy or the "wastes" coming out from the bathroom would eventually drain on the kitchen. To solve both problems, hanging a faceted crystal at the center of the bathroom ceiling, putting earthenware at its four corners, and placing a picture of a bird or tree at the involved area below may solve this.

feng shui bathroom, chi style bathroomfeng shui bathroom, chi style bathroom

With all of these feng shui tips, the most important reminder for any feng shui bathroom is to ensure that they are always clean and orderly, and that the lids and faucets are closed when not in use.

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