What Do the Feng Shui Colors Symbolize?

A lot of people who utilize the concept of feng shui colors in their own houses are ironically oblivious to what all of the colors symbolize. This is not something to be embarrassed about, because the associations and symbolisms of all the colors with feng shui concepts are actually numerous and confusing. It is important to understand all these colors because they are vital in the proper flow of positive chi inside the house.


The first and most common element that anyone would have imagined is the Fire element, which is obviously associated with red. However, other colors like orange, strong yellow, purple, and pink are also related to this element in varying degrees. The proper inclusion of the Fire element in a person's house will equate to more success in all career pursuits and also recognition in one's endeavors. The fire element is considered as the element of the South, so front doors that face south in relation to the axis of the Earth will surely bring prosperity in those regards. Other than south, the directions of northeast and southwest are also ideal feng shui areas that may harness Fire energy.


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Out of all the elements representing the feng shui colors, the Earth element is considered to be the primary energy source coming from the northeast and the southwest. The colors that represent this element are light yellow, beige, and other colors that bear resemblance to soil, sand and other products of the Earth. Being the element of the center of any house, the Earth element is the force that brings nourishment, stability protection, and strong relationship bonds to all those families who allow it to flow inside their house.


For the element that brings preciseness, clarity, sharpness, lightness, and efficiency, the Metal element is the source of energy that is ideal in any home of office because it helps people to regain their sense of focus and motivation to continue on in their endeavors. By painting one's front doors or windows that face the direction of west and northwest, then the blessings offered by this element will surely visit one's home. The same can also be said if the area in the north of the house has decorations or colors that make use of the metal element.


Featuring the feng shui element of the North, the Water element promises to bring abundance, freshness, relief, purity, and solitude. The element is also good in the areas of the house located in the southeast or east. The colors blue and black represent the element of Water, and they are usually associated with areas like the bathroom.


The fifth and last element that brings growth, health and vitality to those areas of homes in the south, east and southeast, the Wood element is the source of positive chi. It provides the blessings of abundance, healing and wealth to those mentioned areas and decorations associated with the color brown and green.

To allow the positive energies and benefits of chi to flow inside the house, it is important that the feng shui colors and decorations work harmoniously with the corresponding elements and directions.

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