Feng Shui Decorating Tips

Many people have practiced and absorbed feng shui decorating tips to attract positive chi inside their homes, with each family having a variety of reasons to support this belief. Some people may want to practice this tradition so that they can feel all secure by making sure that they receive all the positive life force, while some people just want to do this just for the fun and beauty of it. Whatever the case, there are many concepts that many people should remember in order to make it an effective addition in any person's home.

The very first feng shui decorating tips to consider before anything else is the integration of the principles of the bagua map. The bagua map is represented by a system called trigrams that involves six areas of life situations called guas reflected by the structure of the household.

Each area is denoted by a specific color: career, wealth, knowledge, family, fame, love and marriage, offspring, helpers, and the center chi or the balance of all these life situations. The correct way of predicting the life situation of a person is by plotting these areas using three by three squares on the blueprint of the house with the knowledge column in line with the front entrance, and by determining the areas that may be included or excluded in the life situations, because these indicators will reflect which will befall the family and which need to be cured.

After determining the areas on the house designated by each area on the trigrams, the next in feng shui decorating tips in line to take into consideration is the decorating part. For example, the upper left area is denoted by the green area called wealth; this means that the person may focus on decorating the room by placing earthenware and painting the room with the corresponding color because the room makes use of the Earth of element as its chi source. Using these feng shui color and element concepts, people will be able to power up the corresponding life situations with antiques and decorations.

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The color red has always been associated with reputation, good luck and fame; the decorations on rooms designated by the bagua map involve the fire element and may include painting the room red, peach or maroon and hanging many light fixtures. The wealth and family areas are related to the Wood element, so decorating these rooms with plants, non-dried silk plants, blue wallpapers and carpets, and fish will promote health. For the health, knowledge and relationship areas, the Earth element is dominant, so orange, brown, and yellow area ideal colors, and natural tiles and crystals and terracotta are ideal decorations.

The Metal element encompasses the children, helper and creativity areas, so decorations like wrought iron, metallic wind chimes, gold, silver, and other metallic colors are ideal, while the career area, denoted by the Water element, small fountains, aquariums, water scene paintings, and the colors black and white are good choices.

While considering all these feng shui decorating concepts, the best part is having fun while maintaining that level of security to promote peaceful living.

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