How to Design a Girls Bathroom

The most important part of designing a girls bathroom is creating something attractive while also making it functional.

There are many routes you can take to create beautiful bathrooms. One option is to incorporate radiant color schemes. Another is to furnish the bathroom with fancy bathroom fixtures or tile work.

Whatever you choose, remember that too much decoration may not be a good thing. This holds true for boy's bathrooms as well. Think about accenting your girls bathroom with some fun, clever pieces, but don't over do it. You'll find some great ideas in the following pictures.

Here are some beautiful bathrooms:
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The first thing that stands out about this bathroom is color. The pink design is present everywhere. The classy pink wallpaper and pink tile blend together seamlessly. The pink bath mat and chair keep the color consistent.

The free-standing, claw-foot bathtub is a great way to add a sense of elegance. It has a fancier feel than the typical bathtub. The custom sink compliments the tub very nicely as well.

The final fancy touch (without being over the top) in this girl's bathroom is the light. It is definitely not your typical ceiling light. It is in fact a pink chandelier. What is more luxurious and majestic than a chandelier?

bathroom colors,decorating bathroom,meaning of colors,corner jacuzzi,color wheel

This bathroom is centered around one theme: Flowers. The flower-shaped mirror and chair make this bathroom fun and unique.

My favorite part of this theme is that there are real flowers throughout the girl's bathroom. Flowers are naturally associated with beauty.

So here the décor follows the simple belief: Flowers help make a beautiful bathroom.

bathroom colors,decorating bathroom,meaning of colors,corner jacuzzi,color wheel

You can be as creative as you'd like when creating your girls bathroom. The custom wall tile of the castle and princesses is as creative as it gets, but it is also tastefully added to an otherwise simple and classic bathroom desigh...making it one of our unique, beautiful bathrooms.

If you choose to use a piece like this that will stand out, make sure you tone down the other elements of the bathroom so the whole design isn't too loud.

That way, you also ensure that your creative mural or other artwork is the focal point and isn't lost among too many other decorations.

bathroom colors,decorating bathroom,meaning of colors,corner jacuzzi,color wheel

This is one of the most beautiful bathrooms. The custom toilet, sink and bathtub set the tone for this very unique bathroom.

The look is clean and elegant; fit for any princess. Notice the clean lines of this bathroom, from the sectioned wall to the matching art frames. Although this is a girl's bathroom, it would work nicely as a master bathroom as well.

From the tasteful artwork to the classy chandelier, this girls bathroom is both inviting and relaxing. No effort was spared here; the matching color scheme, the high-end fixtures, and the carefully chosen shelves all create a very elegant theme.

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