Glass Bathroom Vanities

Glass bathroom vanities became a very popular choice lately.

Decorating your bathroom can be a lot of fun. One great addition would be glass vanities. You would be surprised that there are actually a lot of different items you can use to decorate your bathroom to bring out that diva within you.

We will guide you on some of the options you may have regarding these different glass bathroom vanities. It can be beneficial to have a guide with these items since it can be quite confusing especially if there are a lot of options available. In order to avoid the feeling of getting over whelmed and ending up with the wrong choice, try to evaluate which ones would actually complement the overall design you are going for.

Having glass and mirrors within your bathroom can have a roomy effect. This means that using glass can make a room seem bigger than it actually is. So by adding more mirrors to your bathroom, it makes it seem more spacious.

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Some of the items you can use in your bathroom are the following:
  • A single or double glass sink
  • You have the option of either having both the counter top and sink are made of glass or just the actual sink. The difference in preference usually depends on which is more convenient to clean.

  • Wall mirror
  • A frosted edge mirror can give an additional effect as if framing your mirror.

    For a more minimalistic feel, you can use a rectangular mirror with a simple metallic or chrome frame. Or go for something more modern such as a frameless mirror.

  • Glass bureau
  • Some furniture designer's, make these bureau's as an additional storage space within the bathroom. Glass bureaus are one of the designs that are more unconventional and modern.

These are only some of the options that you might see when you are looking for items that can complement the theme of your bathroom. Make sure to check out the prices first before making any final purchases. Remember that glass material can be slightly expensive in comparison to other materials such as tiles and wood.

A great way to save up on glass made furniture for your bathroom would be shopping on sales. There are usually a lot of generous offers in furniture stores during these occasions. Another option that you may consider when decorating your bathroom on a budget is to try second hand furniture items such as vintage mirrors and fixtures.

With vintage items you can give your bathroom an eclectic or Victorian feel that depicts glamour at the same time. With the addition of several accent items you can definitely turn your bathroom into a piece of art. Finding the right items that will go together with your theme can make your bathroom project a success. Don't go over your budget.

Remember that using glass bathroom vanities can be a great way to spice up an old bathroom but it does not necessarily mean that you need to splurge for it.

And there are a few reasons to use glass vanities:

They are very fashionable, aesthetically looking and also they visually enlarge your bathroom.Glass vanities will create an entirely unique feel and look for your room.

They are is not as fragile as you might think. In the matter of fact they are very sturdy, especially the tempered glass.

Glass vanities come in different designs and styles, and depending on the style of you bathroom you can choose a modern vessel sink or for a classy style you can find a glass sink in more elegant setting.

Another big advantage is that they are easy to maintain and to take care of. Any spills or spots can be wiped off and use some glass cleaner to make sure there are not any spots or streaks left.

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This is beautiful curved, wall-mounted glass vanity.However it does not offer very much storage space.Frosted glass floor bathroom cabinet is very good choice in this case.

green glass vanity, glass bathroom vanities,vanity shelves

The combination of glass and chrome looks very stylish, in addition this vanity offers some shelves for bathroom necessities.

If you want to arrange a bathroom in a unique style, then glass bathroom vanities is the right choice

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