Glass Mosaic Tile Gives You Complete Control of your Bathroom

The beauty of glass mosaic tile in the bathroom can really be breathtaking. Especially because of the different sizes and shapes that are available; you can use it for practically anything! Whether you're looking for a way to accent a main wall, highlight the shower area, or even as a way to tone down a busy bathroom; glass tiles can be used in design based on any personal preference. So, let's take a minute and break down some of the most beautiful glass tile designs that can be used.

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First off; small glass mosaic tiles are probably the most popular. These are typically found behind the vanity as a backsplash or even in an entire showering enclosure. The artistic value that mosaic glass tiles hold cannot be compared to anything else. There are alternating colors that can be placed together to make an array of décor. These mosaic tiles come in 1 inch sizes up to 4 inch, with the most popular being smaller squares around 2 inches. Some are clear in color, matted, and even have a shine and swirl of patterns within each square. For those with an abstracted mind; there are elongated glass tile that are a little bigger than the mosaics that can help with design as well.

How beautiful would it look to have alternating mosaic colors of blue, green, and white with a base of darker blue elongated glass tile bordering the entire area? That's the idea with glass tiles; they can really provide a breathtaking focal point if used correctly.

glass mosaic tile, blue mosaic tile, antique bathroom mirror

But, some people are not looking for glass tiles to make a statement. In fact, many people just enjoy the look of glass tile with its modern attribute, array of colors, and different features that can be used. Glass tiles can be found in any size that a regular porcelain or ceramic tile is offered in. This means that if you want to encase your entire bathroom with glass tile including the walls, floor, and ceiling; it is very possible and with any preferred size!

The best part about glass tile is the design that can be created. Many people choose to design it themselves and others require help from a professional. Regardless of who does the design; the overall appeal cannot be compared to anything else. And for an added touch; why not use glass tile to cover the bathroom countertop? You can really have complete control when using this designing luxury.

So, if you've been looking into glass tile as a design choice; you won't be steered in the wrong direction. It's perfect for a modern or contemporary style bathroom, but can really be used for anything. Remember, that's the beauty of using glass tile; the final result is up to you!

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