There is Nothing Comparable to Glass Tile

One of the newest trends in bathrooms is glass tile. Have you been looking at the different styles that are being offered? Did you notice that they come in practically any color with multiple types and variations?

The beauty that glass creates cannot be compared to any other style of tile which is why the demand has risen over the last few years. The more artistic pictures of bathroom design that you will see is almost certain to include mosaics and décor of tile. So, what makes this specific tile a rising trend in bathroom art?

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The answer is easily understood by looking at the different results that can occur from using those tiles. For instance, the most commonly used is in a mosaic style and is often sold in sheets. This is when a specific combination of colors is strategically placed together in small one to two inch tiles creating a beautiful mosaic. You can often see them in designed patterns on the wall with a glistened gloss that only glass can provide.

Many people use it in a showering enclosure because of the different effects that can be achieved. As an example; using a dark blue tile on the bottom of the enclosure and then lightening it up with light blue tile as it works up the wall until eventually it ends in white is a beautiful result. And because of the glass tile; the texture cannot be compared to any other type of tile including porcelain.

The fact is that glass tile is a unique way to liven any room especially with the array of designs that can be created. The ideas and options as well as colors and sizes are endless making it a great and artistic way to highlight the space.

But, glass mosaics are not the only style that these tiles are offered in. There are actually larger sizes available to help with the entire area. Elongated glass tile can give an oceanic appeal and often accent different areas of the bathroom. Whether you're trying highlight shelving, a certain wall décor, or even the showering area; these elongated tiles can definitely serve as a unique border.

glass tile, bathroom glass tile ideas, glass mosaic

However, there are abstract designed tile for those that are trying to create a precise theme. The selection of shapes and colors are offered in practically every style. These are not found as a typical square and rectangle; there are actually circles, octagons, and pictured designs available in glass! These can be perfect in a themed bathroom especially ocean related. The color blues found in glass isn't comparable to any other décor.

So, with the array of tile available; choosing on a specific design can be a bit problematic. But, the fact is that those tiles allows your dream of the perfect bathroom to come to fruition. You can create practically anything that you desire with the selection available and is highly recommended to do if you're looking for something unique. Besides; times have changed and glass is a luxury that every bathroom needs!

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