Glass Vessel Sinks
are the Wave of the Future

If you're looking for contemporary dream bathroom; why not check out a glass vessel sinks? If you haven't heard of these types of sinks as of yet; then you are definitely missing out.

They are the newest trend in a modernized bathroom, but not to worry; it has become a main focal point in any designed bathroom including traditional and country.

The fact is that vessel sinks are the style of the century and are the highest demanded product for most bathrooms.

But, what makes these sinks so spectacular?

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First of all; because the material is glass, most of vessel sinks are actually hand blown. If you've ever seen a hand blown product before; then you will realize how unique and one of a kind they can be. It's nearly impossible to create the same exact product every time; though many manufacturers have mastered it with solid colors. Regardless; the majority of these sinks are round in diameter with different designs and colors based on your preference.

All vessel sinks have a hole in the middle perfect for the draining fixture and sit above the counter top. This means that it is imperative to make sure that the counter is built for this type of sink. Some countertops are specifically designed for under mount sinks with a hole cut out; this obviously will not work with a glass vessel sink. Even if it is a wall mounted countertop; as long as it is made for a vessel sink it will suffice.

Unique Style

The design of glass sinks is unique in style since many of them portray a dark color on the outside with a lighter matching one on the inside. For instance, how chic would it look to have a dark blue sink with a light blue interior? This type of style can be found in practically any color to flow with any theme.

bathroom sink, glass vessel sink, pedestal sink,pink sink

However, there are many glass sinks that come in an array of colors all found within one product. Some of them can be clear with swirls, or include a background of a certain color with alternating colored swirls and designs, and even some that have decorative lips rather than the smooth style circle that most people are used to. The choices are never ending and can really match the overall theme of any designed bathroom.

The fact is that the demand for glass vessel sinks has become high due to the variety of ways that it can transform a bathroom into a work of art. No longer do you have to be bound by necessities and their ugliness.

Glass vessel sinks now give you choices and allows a mandatory fixture to become the highlight. As of 15 years ago; this was never an option which means that times are changing and remodeling is now given more options for design rather than function.

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