Green Bathroom Design

Green Bathroom is not generally considered a neutral color, but it goes well with anything

After all , in nature, green foliage combines with countless flower colors.There are many shades of green, so you need to be carefull choosing the green color for your bathroom.

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This is a very busy green bathroom! But, with the subtle accents of white including the solid architectural ceiling allows the soft touches that transform this bathroom into a form of essence. The grass green wall tile with the soft white design is placed throughout the entire bathroom with the matching tile overlaying an all white tub.

However, the solid lighter green tile that is placed on the bottom half of the wall and flows onto the floor gives a great contrast to the entire busy design. Also, the border used to separate both wall tiles is an even touch of style and simplicity. This assists in allowing the two different wall tiles to flow together.

The small accents of the white pedestal sink, contemporary styled toilets, and even the white door also helps with diminishing the multiple designs found in this bathroom. The skylight window placed on the ceiling is the final perfect touch in creating natural light to help with highlighting the main solid focal points.

Best of all; the red accent rug is a great way to offset the overall green and assists in making it a centerpiece that allows the rest of the colors to shine.

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This bathroom has a contemporary and natural feel similar to a day spa. Who would've thought that lime green paired with wooden accents is able to create a relaxed atmosphere!

The solid light color on the wall and floor help to accent the lime green wall mounted vanity and wall cabinets. With the subtle accents of white in the sink and even the large tub placed outside of the picture; this allows the lime green to really shine.

Best of all; the bamboo rug and window treatments are a beautiful touch to help tone down the brightness of the green being used. But, the best part is the ceiling-to-floor windows that can easily allow sunlight through to bring out the natural accents of the room. It's the best way to accentuate the tranquil effect that this bathroom offers.

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This rich looking green bathroom uses two different colors of green along with main designed accent tiles as an added effect. The dark green marble with the matching design of the light green marble is a great contrast when placed next to each other. Because the pattern within both tiles are the same; regardless of the color difference, this allows them both to flow together smoothly.

For an added touch; accents of pictured tiles placed strategically within the lighter green marble helps to bring out the accent décor located within the indentation of the darker green marble. This allows everything to tie together in color and style. The border tile with spots of brown also help with connecting all colors being used as well as provide a break in the solid conformity that both sides of the wall create.

By using a wall mounted lavatory sink in contemporary silver; this also serves a great functionality purpose as well as creating the overall charm.

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