What handicap bathtubs work for you?

Handicap bathtubs are the perfect way to alleviate stress and danger from bath time for the handicapped or the elderly

Bathing process for people with limited mobility can be a huge challenge.A handicap bathtub is a unit designed specifically with the needs of a disabled or elderly.

Those days a wide variety of powered bathtubs are offered on the market and they come in different sizes and styles and meet the best needs of users

You can choose between getting a new bathtub, redesigning a bathtub or getting a portable aid to assist in any bathtub.

Depending on the type that works best for you, there are four options. These different types all have specific advantages and disadvantages that may work better or worse for different disabilities or needs.

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Here are the options for handicap bathtubs:

  • Walk-in bathtubs for handicap - These are fully-sized bathtubs that have a door on the side of the wall and will require you to replace the older bathtub. The walls are much higher than a normal bathtub. When closed, the wall forms a seal to prevent any leakage and can easily be opened or closed, usually by pressing a button. Typically, there is a seat designed into the molding, making the bathing experience much easier. Larger sizes can be ordered for people needing wheel chair access through the doorway. Wheel-chair accessible ones will need to be placed at ground level. You may also add a railing along the side of the bathtub for additional safety.
  • Lifting devices - These devices can be added to current bathtubs for people who don't want to remodel or buy a new bathtub. They will lift a person into the bathtub and lay them down along the bottom, removing the possibility of getting injured when moving inside the tub. The device itself can usually be moved inside and outside the tub, leaving room for people not needing it to stand inside the unit.More on Powered walk in bath check here
  • Stand-alone units - These are small bathtubs that can fit in much tighter spaces. The bathtubs have a door on the side for easy access. While some of the units may be standing-room only, some units may have a seat built into the side with a very tall wall along the tub. The seat gives a relaxing bathing experience and takes away the danger of falling while standing.
  • Movable Units These designs are best for people who like to travel and don't want to buy or remodel any handicap bathtubs. They are usually light weight, and can fit into most bathtubs. The design either allows the person to sit in the bathtub, or it's a portable lifting device that can lower the person in the bathtub. While it takes the possibility of falling down in the tub out, it still leaves a chance for falling when getting in or out of the tub. They are designed to fold up for easy storage.

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