Heated Toilet Seats
Keep Your Buns Warm

Heated toilet seats have become a hot commodity especially for those who have been suffering from cold buns every morning.

Not to mention during the winter months; the last thing that you want is to sit on a regular toilet seat! The thought of it is agonizing and one of the things that you don't look forward to, right?

The good news is that times have changed and there are now heated toilet seats that can help with keeping your body temperature at a normal degree.

Many people are concerned with the look and style since at one time; these toilet seats were foam based and had wires sticking out everywhere. It wasn't a pretty sight to see when walking into a bathroom. But, since décor has been changing; so has the overall design. There are now heated seats available that can match any theme that your bathroom may have and best of all; you no longer have to worry about it being an eye sore.

Heated Toilet Seats,Decorative Bathroom Accessories

First off; there are some that are foam padded and some that are just soft to the touch. The difference is that the foam pad will cause an indentation when pressure is applied whereas the other is hard enough to stay shaped, but soft enough to be sat on. And whether you're looking for round or elongated; these toilet seats are available in any shape.

However, a major concern is the safety since it is electrical and near water. Not to worry; most of these seats use only 12 watts of electricity and the components are safely sealed. This also includes the UL listed transformer to insure maximum safety. The fact is that it doesn't matter how much water is splashed onto the seat; you will not have to worry about bodily harm.

But, when it comes to purchasing the correct heated toilet seat; it's important to have the measurements of your actual toilet frame. Exact measuring needs to be done from the center of the front of the bowl to the center of the hinges towards the back. These need to be approximate as they are vital to choosing a toilet seat that will fit perfectly.

As for cleaning, it can be done the same as before; nothing will need to be changed. However, there are some toilet seats available that automatically contain an ultra-fresh agent that will help to keep it clean. Heated toilet seats are also able to heat 20 - 25 degrees warmer than room temperature insuring that the area is warm, but not burning hot. It's perfect for your buns especially during the wee hours of the morning.

Decorative Bathroom Accessories, theme bathroom

With the different styles and types available; you have to ask yourself why you haven't purchased one yet. Besides; your buns will thank you!

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