How to install mosaic tile face-mounted on transparent adhesive film or on mesh-backed sheets

How to install mosaic tile pre-mounted on a clear film sheet.This is very easy.

The adhesive applied on clear mosaic film will help to hold your mosaic tiles together through the transportation and installation process.

Mosaic film is fully transparent so you can easily line up the mosaic and match grout joints.

Apply a good quality thin-set approved for use with glass mosaic tile. Be sure to use a thin-set that is compatible with your substrate and environment (i.e. wet areas).laying mosaic tile, how to install mosaic tile,tiling mosaic,installing mosaic tile

Thin-set should be spread using a v-notched trowel.By using a back-and-forth scraping motion,apply the thin-set to the surface to be tiled in order to maintain good contact between the thin-set and your surface.The thin-set remains tacky only for 10-15 minutes, so cover only as much area as you can work during this time.

Spread a thin layer of thin-set on the patterned (not filmed) side of the glass mosaic tile sheet with the straight edge of your trowel. This back-buttering step is essential in the use of transparent tile, because it hides the trowel lines on the substrate which might otherwise show through and of course it best used for all glass mosaic tiles.

Back-buttering also assures complete adhesion between tile and substrate. It is common for thin-set to push through the grout joint and rise above the surface of the tile,for this reason, use the same installation product as both mortar and grout. You can remove excess grout later ,if you choose not to set in color.

Set your mosaic tile with the clear film FACING UP.Square the sheet and apply to your surface,then tap gently with a block of wood and hammer or a grouting float to assure full adhesion and level surface.

Align each sheet carefully as it is installed to create uniform grout joints from sheet to sheet.Repeat this process until you will not cover whole surface.

Wait 24 hours for the thin-set to set and then remove the film in a diagonal direction, keeping it flat against the surface of the mosaic.Once the thin-set is cured your tile is ready for grouting (normally in 24-48 hours)

laying mosaic tile, how to install mosaic tile,tiling mosaic,installing mosaic tile

Use a utility knife if necessary to carefully remove any excess thin-set from the joints.

Spread your prepared grout at a 45 degree angle with a rubber floatacross the tile field. After grouting the area, wait 20 minutes before you start to clean the excess.

laying mosaic tile, how to install mosaic tile,tiling mosaic,installing mosaic tile

Wipe excess grout off, first with a dry cloth, such as cheesecloth or any other lint-free cloth to remove excess grout on the tile surface.

laying mosaic tile, how to install mosaic tile,tiling mosaic,installing mosaic tile

Follow up with a sponge and warm water.Once the installation is completely dry you can safely clean any remaining grout haze or residue with a tile cleaner and scrubbing pad.

Mosaic tiles can be installed individually or pre-mounted on mesh-backed sheets.

Learn how to install mosaic tile pre-mounted on mesh-backed sheets.

In this video you will learn how to install mosaic tile sheets 12 x 12 inch on a bathroom floor.

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