How To Install Toilets

You might not know how to install toilets, but it is simple if you take it step by step.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you begin installing a toilet.

First, check your local building codes.

Installing a toilet by yourself is against the law in some places, so make sure if the code requires that you hire a professional first.

Next, purchase all of the necessary supplies. This includes:

-The toilet bowl and tank
-Closet flange
-Wax ring
-Rubber gasket
-Nuts, bolts and washers.

Then, follow these steps on how to install toilets:

1. Always turn off the main water supply in your house before you install toilets.

2. Install the closet flange. Do this by sliding the flange over the top of the drainpipe. There are typically four bolts which, when tightened with four screws, will hold the flange in place. There are two spots in the flange on either side where you will slide in the closet bolts. These bolts will eventually hold the toilet bowl and the flange together.

3. Place the wax ring on top of the closet flange. The wax ring provides a seal between the toilet and drainpipe. This prevents sewer gases and dirty water from leaking into your bathroom.

4. Set the toilet bowl on the flange. The closet bolts can be used as a guide because they must go through the holes on the sides of the toilet. You will need to put some weight on the toilet bowl to make sure the wax ring completely seals off the opening.

5. Secure the toilet bowl. When installing a toilet bowl you first put a washer over the closet bolt. Then you will screw on a nut. Make sure it is tight, as this will keep the toilet from rocking. You may need to saw off the top of the closet flange in order to snap on the cover cap. The closet bolts are made of brass, so any handsaw should easily do the trick.

6. Attach the tank. The first thing you must do is put the rubber gasket in place. This gasket will serve as a seal between the tank and the bowl. When it is in place you will set the tank on the bowl at that spot. You can once again use the bolts as a guide. Place a washer and a screw on each bolt and tighten them to secure the tank to the bowl.

7. Connect the toilet to the water supply. You can then turn the water on and fill the tank. Flush the toilet a few times to test it.

8. Caulk around the base of the toilet to prevent any leaking.

In this video you will learn how to install toilet

Congratulations! You now know how to install toilets.

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