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How to Paint Ceramic Tile

Have you been wondering how to paint ceramic tile without it looking like poor quality?

Bathroom design is typically changed often because of its smaller size and easy accessories. But, the one thing that usually doesn't change is the floor since the cost and time can be extensive. Let's not forget about backsplash, wall tile, and the tile that surrounds the tub; these often match the floor as well. It's like the entire bathroom has been designed a certain way and this will limit your choices on the new style. Luckily; you can learn how to paint ceramic tile for the ability to take control of your style and change it at your leisure!

So, what is important to know about painting ceramic tile? First off, the quality of the end result is solely based on the condition that your current tile is in. In other words, if there are chips or cracks throughout the current tile; then painting over that will not provide a smooth and professional finish. This is why it is important to grout and fill in any existing chips and holes at least 2 days prior to painting. This will help keep the ceramic tile looking new once it is coated in a new shade. The fact is that ceramic tile is not meant to be painted, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. To keep the paint remaining pristine; sealing the final product once a year will instantly help maintain its professional look.

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However, please keep in mind that you are unable to paint tile that repeatedly deals with water. This means countertops next to the sink or anything surrounding the shower area. Unfortunately, the paint will not be able to withstand the constant moisture and will eventually begin to chip away.

But, there is a recommended process to follow when learning how to paint ceramic tile. This has been proven to produce a great result as well as keep the beautiful look.

how to paint on ceramic tile, painting on ceramic,hand painting

First, it's very important to thoroughly wash the tile with soap and water before beginning.Or you can wipe it with alcohol. If your tile has a shine to it; then sanding will need to be done to reduce the gloss. This can prevent the paint from lasting. Using a 220 grit sander is highly recommended and has been known to effectively remove gloss. In this case, you will have to clean the area thoroughly of dust to prevent it from being painted over. Once this is done; you need to use a high quality primer to serve as a base. High quality is the key since the goal is to provide the best possible surface for a lasting effect. You may see small bumps afterwards in which case you'll have to lightly sand those down as well.

At this point, you can start painting and transforming your bathroom! Make sure to use an oil-based paint as that is known to last longer than latex. It may be a bit messier and take longer to dry, but well worth the wait in the end.

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Now that you know how to paint ceramic tile; what style are you going to try?

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