How to stain concrete floors with acid

Want to know How to stain concrete floors with acid? It is not hard to do and is a good choice for do-it-yourself project and here will show you how to do it

1.What stain to apply

Decide what kind of concrete stain will work for you.There are different selections of decorative concrete stain are available. You can select typical acid wash stain and acid stain colors, or you can choose fancy and faux concrete stains. Usually these concrete stains come in a stain and seal kit.Check your local hardware stores for the right concrete stain.

2.Preparing the floors

Prepare your concrete floor for staining. Scrub down the entire area with soap and water to eliminate all dirt and debris.Degrease floor and check for water absorption. This would be a good time to patch any holes as well if need be. After all of the water has dried, make sure there is no dirt left by running your hand across the surface. Create a custom designs by using sand blasting or stensils.Results will be outstanding.

3. Applying the stain

Apply your concrete stain. You can either use roller, a brush, or sprayer to apply the stain. Use large roller for larger areas or a garden sprayer. Make sure you have applied the stain evenly.

4. Neutralizing and Rinsing

Floors must be scrubbed and neutralized only after the stain is dried. As a neutralizer you can use a mixture of water and baking soda. Apply it over surface by using a brush, gently brush entire area and the rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow to dry floors completely before sealing.

5.Sealing and/or waxing

After the stained concrete has dried, seal it with the concrete sealer.Depending on the type of stain you used,choose the correct type of sealer.For the recommended type of sealer read the label on the back of the stain. Sealing your stain is an extremely important step and should not be left out.

This video will show you how to stain concrete floors

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