Kids murals are great decorating solution for children bathroom

With kids murals easy installation, you save time and money.

If you're looking for something to reinvent your children's bathroom and make bathing seem a little more fun then why not place some bathroom kids murals on those walls. That way, bathing doesn't seem so dull and boring and it won't be such a struggle asking your children for to take their next bath. Also, with these murals, you can choose from several different designs and materials to use.

Just by looking below, you can find several different ideas on how to place bathroom kid's murals and which materials are best to use. Traditional paint is great especially if you plan to have that particular design for quite some time. Also with paint you can be sure that it would last against the consistent exposure to water. Paint is best used also when you have a specific design in mind. All you need is a designer or painter who can do the job for you.

Work with your kids

One way to actually make this fun is by asking your kids to help out with the ideas and the actual mural making process. That way you can all join in the fun of making a mural although caution must be taken when handling paints and other chemicals used when making a painting mural.

Wall Stickers

One other option to consider in making murals would be to order something pre-made. There are a lot of hardware stores or even online sites that sell stick on murals. In comparison to paint, these do last a shorter period of time but it is easier to install and less time is required to have it done. Also, they are easier to clean up once you decide to change the overall design of the bathroom. These stick on designs would cost a little less than paints especially if your mural painting has a lot intricate designs.

Another advantage of these stick on designs to mural paintings is that these are easier to do at home without any professional help. Most packages would include a step by step process on how to install the product. You also do not need to worry about toxic chemicals that your child may come in contact with.

Different Themes

There are a lot of different mural designs that you can place in your child's bathroom. A seaside or beach theme could be great since it gives that ocean feel to the room. Another would be having cloud designs and different cartoon characters on the wall. These ideas are great especially when you both boys and girls.

But for cases where in the bathroom is intended for a boy, something a little more boyish such as dinosaurs and cowboys can be a great idea. As for the girls, something frilly, pink and sweet would do quite well. You can also ask your children what they would prefer to have on the mural. Having their input can be really useful.

When designing kids murals for bathroom it can be helpful to think about what your child would appreciate the most. Consider the different aspects and materials to use since this does not only affect the time it takes the project to get done but the budget as well.

Here are some cool kids murals ideas for children bathrooms

Bright and exiting bathroom for kids who love Shrek. Orange colors makes this bathroom really attractive. Contemporary bathroom vanity defined the style for your kids bathroom.

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Funny and exotic jungle-themed murals will excite every child.They will want to spend more time splashing and enjoying bath.

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Decorate your girls bathroom with Disney Theme murals.Kids would love to be surrounded by adventurous and curious Ariel and her friends.Small corner bathtub will make them feel really special, just like "little adults".

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Welcome to Madagascar! Your kids will have a blast bath time with Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria.Even green bathtub goes well with those wall murals and borders.

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