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Marble flooring adds a sophisticated element to your bathroom, and its wonderful appearance, superior engineering characteristics and ease of maintenance makes it a natural choice for bathroom floors or walls.

You'll find variety of different options that you can consider for marble floors, no matter what colors you want in the bathroom. It comes in plain and natural colors. You can go with marble in pink, brown, white, brown, and black. Usually these plain options go on the floors of your bathroom.

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When selecting marble for the floor, special attention should be given to texture of natural stone. It may be polished or unpolished. Unpolished (sleek or aged) surfaces wear less noticeable than polished. Therefore, the content of aged floors made of natural stone is more economical. Polished coating of granite and marble are more appropriate as facing vertical surfaces -like bathroom walls.

Polished granite is not recommended for bathroom floor - it is very slippery when wet and can be simply dangerous. Marble due to its higher porosity - is not so slippery.

Marble mosaic floor tiles become very popular in bathroom, which is often used for tiling in a bathroom around tubs and showers. This type of marble has lovely artistic designs on the surface of the marble. There can be natural scenes, pictures, animation, flowers, and more on these tiles. They definitely can add color and personality to the bathroom and can be cut into different sizes.

Of course, you need to think about the installation of the marble tile. This can be a difficult task and is definitely time consuming. Unless you have experience laying this type of tile, hiring someone to install the tile, such as a building contractor, is a great idea.

bathroom wall,corner bathtub,marble walls, marble floor,marble tile,marble vanity top,marble mosaic tilebathroom wall,corner bathtub,marble walls, marble floor,marble tile,marble vanity top,marble mosaic tile

If you do go with marble, you will have to keep them up on a regular basis. The marble has to be polished to keep the bathroom looking clean and shiny, so marble cleaning is going to be important. However, you cannot use powdered detergent on these floors and walls made out of marble. This could end up causing stains.

One of the marble floors disadvantage is cold under feet. But you can still go with marble tile for your bathroom - heated bathroom floor will be your option. However, the electric warming system for bathroom floor will have to be installed before the marble flooring.

Just ensure that the heating system is done the right way before you install the marble or it could be very costly to tear the entire floor up to fix this problem. Heated stone floors are very comfortable and warm.

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