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Finding the best master bathroom floor plans for you and your home can seem tough, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, you can design them yourself, without any help from an architect.

You just have to consider a few things, including space, privacy and adding your personal touch. Start by drawing the shape of your bathroom on a piece of graph paper, and then follow these tips.

But first, in order to figure out what will work best, you need to consider one word: Comfort. Great master bathroom floor plans come down to comfort. If you aren't comfortable in it you will not like it, no matter how glamorous, or expensive, it might be.

Here are four keys to a creating a comfortable master bathroom:

Master bathtub

No bathroom floor plans are complete without an elegant, jetted bathtub. And when it comes to the tub, size matters. Enough room for two, along with a place to set beverages or candles, is a must if you are going for a romantic or relaxing aura.


You want to make sure to leave yourself plenty of room. A cramped bathroom is not a comfortable one. Having some open space to move around and walk freely in will leave you with a sense of ease and calmness. Try to avoid having the sink right next to the toilet or shower/bathtub. Spreading things out will enhance the roominess of the bathroom.


Achieving a feeling of privacy when creating a master bathroom floor plan will invite comfort faster than anything else. For this reason, it is critical that the toilet and shower be as secluded as possible. Creating a little nook, especially for the toilet, can be a great way to provide a private atmosphere.

Personalized sink/vanity area

This is a fantastic place to add a personal touch. You want to pick a sink and vanity that you actually like. Typically, this will include plenty of counter space, as well as a good-sized sink. Putting in multiple sinks or mirrors can alleviate any feelings of being cramped.

Here are two examples of comfortable master bathroom floor plans:

When you are creating your own master bathroom floor plan, use these as examples if you'd like.In this master bathroom, we see a very generously sized bathtub. This tub leaves plenty of room to kick off your slippers, stretch out your legs, and allow your stresses to melt away.

Courtesy of Lika Ruleva
master bathroom floor plan,green bathroom,bathroom accessories,bathroom curtains,wall murals, bathroom shelves

We also see the wide counter underneath the window that covers the washer and dryer. On the adjacent wall there is the custom basin sink and toilet to match.

You can see that the plan is spacious and achieves the desired privacy by placing the toilet behind the protruding column wall.

Here is a final look at this bathroom, complete with attractive wall art, colored panels in the ceiling, and matching window dressings:

master bathroom floor plan,green bathroom,bathroom accessories,wall murals,bathroom curtains, bathroom shelvesmaster bathroom floor plan,green bathroom,bathroom accessories,wall murals,bathroom curtains, bathroom shelves

This next master bathroom floor plan takes custom to a whole new level. Everything from the sink to the towel rack to the toilet is uniquely special. And with the flat-screen TV in position to be enjoyed from the comfort of the tub, anyone can relax in this spa-like setting.

Notice how the floor plan utilizes a "wave" design; the steps to the tub, the countertops and even the tile follow this theme.

Courtesy of Lika Ruleva
master bathroom floor plan, high-tech bathroom,blue bathroom vanity, bathroom celling

A feeling of privacy emanates from this bathroom. With the frosted window tint, it is easy to feel right at home. The soft blue colors also helps create an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. Coupled with the wave-like design, this bathroom is truly an original oasis.

master bathroom floor plan, high-tech bathroom,blue bathroom vanity, bathroom ceilingmaster bathroom floor plan, high-tech bathroom,blue bathroom vanity, bathroom ceiling

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