Meaning of Colors

Through knowing the meaning of colors, people can surely create the kind of bathroom they always dreamed of.

Color plays an important role in bathroom design. It is proven that colors can change the mood of people and can also give the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Different colors can have different cause in the mood of a person and different effects on the way an object looks. This is the reason why selecting the color for bathroom design requires a rigorous time and thinking. During selection, it is advisable to have a research on the attitude and lifestyle of the bathrooms user.

Base on the research; choose a color that will perfectly soothe that person. To ease up the selection, here are some of the commonly used colors for bathrooms along with the meaning of colors:

  • Blue is said to have a positive effects on the mood of person. This color can increase the peace, calmness, and tranquility of a person. Also, looking at this color can greatly reduce the people's stress, which has many harmful effects. In addition, blue is a safe choice for person who is designing the bathroom because it can be perfect for both men and women.

  • Red is a very tricky color, simply, because it has some advantages and disadvantages. This color can increase the passion and energy of a person. It is perfect for persons who want to be energized on mornings before they go to their work. This color is mostly used in bathrooms for children. On the other hand, red is not a perfect choice for people who want the feeling of peacefulness and quietness on their bathroom. Also, deep variants of red can make a miniature room even smaller.

  • Yellow is also a good color choice for people who want to energize their mornings. This color can create a sunny mood for people. It can help in lifting up their moods. People in a yellow room usually talk a lot than they actually did. On the contrary, the negative side on this color is that too intense shade of it can overwhelm a person. The most advisable thing in using yellow color is to use light shades in large areas and just use intense shades in adding accent to the bathroom.

  • Pink has very interesting effects on the mood of people. This color is much related with the color red but gives an extremely different set of results to a person. It can make people happy without stimulating them. Pink is a kind of color that is easy to live up with and always looks very lovely.

  • White and black. These two colors have an opposite effects on the size of the room. Black, along with other dark shade colors, can make the size of the bathroom smaller. On the other hand, white, along with other light shade colors, can make the size of the bathroom larger. The good thing about these two colors is that they can perfectly blend with any other colors which make them very important types of color in bathroom designs.

Through learning the different meaning of colors, home owners will surely can get endless possibilities in bathroom design.

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