Mosaic floor tile is very popular in bathroom design

Mosaic floor tile is more dramatic and artistic among the variety of all decorating materials for the bathroom floor

Did you know there are different type of mosaic - Ceramic Mosaic tile ,Glass Mosaic tile and more...

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Ceramic mosaic floor tile (Smalto) is more resistant to abrasive wear and suitable for installation in places with high abrasion, for example, on the floor. The most favorite color spectrum for bathroom is combination of blue, turquoise and white, which create a feeling of freshness.

mosaic floor tile, mosaic floor, bathroom flooring,floor tiles mosaic, black and white mosaic

Glass mosaic tile is the most affordable type from all of the mosaic species. While choosing glass mosaics floor tile, you should pay attention to its coefficient of skid resistance. For the dry floor, just select the series with its lowest value (R9), and for places that can be covered with water - you need a higher value.

Small tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom floors because the grout lines create traction for wet feet.

Stone mosaic tile - marble, travertine, granite, onyx - with variety of colors and shades You can create beautiful floor medallions or ever lovely carpet rugs.Travertine, granite, onyx, marble ... Natural stone with solid wayward character turns into the hands of masters in obedient pieces of the puzzle, from which you can lay out the magnificent panels, or even entire carpets.

Contemporary mosaic tile and traditional ceramic tiles look great together
mosaic floor tile, mosaic floor, bathroom flooring,floor tiles mosaic, black and white mosaic

Floor mosaic tiles may have varying degrees of transparency and luster, be smooth or embossed, as well as have special effects with the help of special additives or substrates.

Leaders in the manufacture of glass mosaic tile - Italian firms - BISAZZA, SICIS, TREND, Vitrex, ORSONI, MEGARON, MARCHETTI, French OPIOCOLOR, Spanish ZIRKONIO, Chinese MOSAICO DE LUX, JNJ, etc. - are constantly expanding the product range, increasing the decorative possibilities of the tile.

The easiest way to install the mosaic tile is matrix. All the tiles are glued on thick paper or mesh foundation - a matrix.

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