Mosaic tile become very popular in bathroom wall coverings

Among the variety of the bathroom wall materials mosaic tile is most dramatic and artistic

Mosaics can cover all the walls of the bathroom or serve as a mirror frame or borders. Mosaic has not only the aesthetic appearance, but also very reliable.

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There are different types of the mosaic, let's name a few

Glass mosaic is the most affordable type from all of the mosaic species. Glass mosaic creates a unique shimmering play of light. Among of the advantages of glass mosaic, water and abrasion resistance. Also decorative coating does not react with the cleaning agents and chemicals.Check out interesting bathroom glass tile ideas

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Ceramic mosaic is often used as a decorative element, spread with ceramic tile. Unlike glass, porcelain mosaic is not recommended on the contact with water.

Stone mosaic - marble, travertine, granite, onyx - with variety of colors and shades you create a simple pattern or a detailed pictures. You can create beautiful medallions or lovely carpet rugs with marble mosaic.

Metal mosaic - stainless steel mosaic looks beautiful and has a smooth polished metal surface. The most popular designs are geometric shapes and different serifs. Metal mosaic is more flexible than ceramic or glass, however have few limitations: you have to use caution is selecting cleaning detergents or other chemicals.

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Semi-precious stone mosaic -designer's world is constantly moving and a new trend in the mosaic is "gold" of glass - where each piece is embedded with real gold foil (24K). Another sophisticated tile is mosaic with addition of synthetic aquamarine or copper. This types of exclusive and expensive mosaic, pleasant for eyes, but definitely impacts your budget.

When choosing mosaic tile pay attention to the fact of what those tile is made of and what are the characteristics of the tiles - they are such a puzzle!

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