The Influence of Nautical Bathroom Accessories

Did you know that using nautical bathroom accessories can really make the overall theme in your bathroom stand out? There are many designers that have used these specifically designed accessories as the main focal point of the bathroom. And because the sailboat, ocean, and nautical theme is such a popular design for the bathroom; you can find a vast selection available to truly design your very own masterpiece.

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In order to create the perfect design with nautical accessories; you need to make sure the surrounding design is subtle in color. The typical colors include navy blue, white, with splashes of red and yellow. As for the fixtures; they can remain Tuscan in color, though chrome or gold will work as well. This is primarily for the toilet paper holder, towel bars, and faucet.

In fact, you'll begin to notice how important this standard color can be. From there; you can start looking at the array of nautical accessories that are available. However, if you're looking for a more themed option; there are many fixtures that actually offer nautical design as well. For instance; you can find towel bars, toilet paper holders, and a shower curtain rod that has an anchor found on each end. These can be a bit more expensive than the regular accessories, but are great additions to a nautical themed bathroom.

As for the smaller nautical bathroom accessories; the toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotion dispenser, and tissue holder should all be matching. Whether you choose the nautical colors, an actual sailboat, an anchor, or even a ship wheel; they all need to be fluent in design. These are consistently placed on the counter and will serve as a major influence in the overall themed design. In most nautical bathroom accessory sets; there is a matching garbage can, but this isn't necessary. You can actually step out of matching guidelines when choosing the perfect trash can and is a fantastic way to add some color into a navy blue and white bathroom.

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The fun part with designing any bathroom is the shower curtain. Because of the specific colors involved with this theme; you can literally choose from pictures or colored designs. For instance; choosing a navy blue shower curtain is great for a darker look.

However, a solid white shower curtain is recommended for busy designed bathrooms with anchors, ship wheels, Tuscan décor, and dark walls. It's a perfect way to liven up a very dark bathroom! Of course, there are different designs involving all of the colors in a nautical theme along with a selection of pictures. These pictures are geared towards ships and sailboats and can offer practically any preferred color to match the other nautical bathroom accessories.

As you can see; designing this particular themed bathroom provides many different options to bring your design to life. This nautical theme is an extremely popular choice which provides you the ultimate selection for your favorite nautical bathroom accessories. Besides; it's a great way to personalize your design!

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